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Visiba Care gives you as a caregiver the opportunity to set up a telehealth practice. It’s just like an ordinary consultation, except that you can’t shake hands afterwards.

What is Visiba Care?

We create new opportunities for modern healthcare.

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Do you really need to touch all of your patients?

Physicians estimate that up to 70 percent of all consultations don’t require physical examinations.
Using Visiba Care, you can get in touch with your patient wherever you are. You can sit in your office, in your living room or in a traffic jam. Manage the uncomplicated consultations in a smoother way, and make more time for the patients who really need to meet you.

We use Visiba Care

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To me, Visiba Care is all about creating benefits on so many levels. For caregivers, who can save time, reduce stress at the workplace and reduce the risk of infections in the waiting room. For patients, who can benefit from healthcare that is just as simple, available and patient-centred as it should be. But we also create benefits for society as a whole, for example the positive effects on the environment that our services enable. The world has only seen the beginning of the new and modern healthcare that is emerging. We are looking forward to participate in and contribute to the evolution.”
Johan Gustafson, CEO Visiba Group
Visiba Group
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