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No healthcare service looks the same – nor does any implementation of our software. Visiba Care’s white-label, fully customisable solution can be tailored to your diverse needs.

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With customers ranging from large healthcare organisations and trusts to smaller healthcare providers in different care segments and geographies, Visiba Care has developed a profound understanding of the importance of being able to customise an online practice according to specific needs and requirements.

One healthcare provider may want to set up online booking and video call meetings. Another may prefer to meet their patients via a digital reception or communicate through secure messages. A third may need a multi-party call to consult a specialist or allow a relative or interpreter to participate in the video meetings.

There are many possibilities with Visiba Care, but it is possible to start small and scale up or add more features.

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Said about Visiba Care

When choosing strategic partners, we are looking for rapid development, responsiveness, adaptability, and reliability. Visiba Care meets all of our requirements and we are very pleased with our collaboration!

Andreas Schill

Psychologist and Business Manager, PBM

Visiba Care is a customer-responsive partner, with a profound understanding of the business and apt to step it up. We can trust that we can use the platform in all situations – safely and securely.

Gudrun Greim

Operations Manager, GP Närhälsan Online

As a doctor, Visiba Care is excellent for me; the interface is flexible, intuitive, and coherent. It allows me to be readily prepared for each meeting, so I can work faster, securely, and efficiently.

Hejko Schlesinger, MD

Specialist in General Medicine, Bra liv nära

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