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Mental health

Mental health is a substantial problem and many patients find it challenging to seek help. Waiting times can be long, and when everyday life becomes burdensome, people find summoning the willpower to get treatment difficult. It is common for some patients to barely leave their homes. Others may be on the move or experience difficulties to bring themselves to meet a specialist physically.

With therapy and treatment via the internet, clients can communicate with mental health professionals in the safety of their own home, from abroad, or in any other physical setting. When mental healthcare becomes more accessible, the threshold to seek help becomes lower, and getting that help in time is of utmost importance to curb the development of a mental health condition. At the same time, results indicate that digital therapy is equally effective as a face-to-face meeting.

At digital psychology clinics, video calls are regularly used as a communication channel. The multi-party call function makes it possible to invite several participants simultaneously for a video meeting. An example that showcases a great advantage is people who suffer from burnout, as they can meet the care provider, employer, and insurance company at the same time.

Using forms to fill out information is also greatly beneficial before a digital meeting. The patient can answer questions about mood and health state among others. This way, both the healthcare staff and the patient can prepare themselves better for the meeting. The messaging function can be used to send assignments and documents, but also to send files during the video call.

With Visiba Care you can choose from many different functions, workflows, and features.


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