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Primary care has a broad assignment and is responsible for medical treatment, preventive health, and rehabilitation, to mention only a few. It involves many possible ways of contacting the patient, and in many different contexts. Oftentimes physical visits are necessary for healthcare practitioners to take samples and examine the patient, but other times a digital meeting is all it takes; the two communication channels function complementary to each other.

At a digital primary care clinic, the healthcare staff can work in a flexible way, and different health centres can jump in to assist with staffing and resources. In addition, a larger number of patients can seek assistance from specialists associated with a reception in another location. This framework leads to increased care quality for the patient, reduced costs for care and equal access to healthcare, detached from geographical boundaries.

With Visiba Care, a primary care clinic can choose from many different flows and functions. They can meet patients via a digital drop-in reception or allow the patients to book the video visits themselves, during follow-up calls or any other instances. Patients are also enabled to book available times that suit them. When combined with reminder notes, the risk of nonattendance –a costly issue for healthcare– drops significantly.

With video meetings, patients have the opportunity to meet a healthcare practitioner remotely. Additionally, the multi-party discussions feature makes it possible to include several people in a meeting, such as caretakers, interpreters, or external medical professionals and specialists from remote care centres or hospitals. Multi-party calls fully equip coordinated healthcare for instances like a post-accident planning meeting, where several specialists are involved. More precisely, in a case like that, the patient can simultaneously consult with staff from the hospital involved in the operation, a party from primary care responsible for rehabilitation, and a representative from the insurance company.

Many healthcare providers in primary care combine video meetings and chat with asynchronous messages in the solution, as the patient can contact the provider day or night. Questionnaires filled by a patient prior to a visit can help care practitioners to prepare better, or effectively evaluate each case. Additionally, there is the possibility to export data for effortless measuring and insightful analysis.

A plethora of possibilities is available, but it is sensible to start small and adjust for growth with time. Do you want help with exploring which functions and flows are right for you?

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