How can we know that Visiba Care will continue to meet our needs in the future?

Visiba Care is a SaaS solution (Software as Service) and is continuously developed in collaboration with patients and healthcare professionals in Sweden and other countries where we operate. We constantly analyse the market to see the direction of developments and we regularly update our platform so that it is optimised to meet today’s needs and those of tomorrow. Contact us to hear more about how we work with the development of Visiba Care.

Can Visiba Care be integrated with existing healthcare information systems?

Yes – Visiba Care offers the possibility of integrating with several different systems. Many of our customers already have functional integrations with, for example, healthcare information systems, appointment journals and other digital healthcare solutions. Feel free to contact us and tell us what integration needs your operation has, and we will be happy to provide more information on the prerequisites and options available. Read more about this under Integration and security.

I work for a major healthcare organisation – how does Visiba Care work for us?

For the larger healthcare organisation, Visiba Care offers a spectrum of possibilities. It is possible to separate different practices and configure these based on unique patient flows. Some may only want to work with follow-up appointments for patients who have been at a physical consultation, while others want to be able to receive new patients, either via appointment or drop-in. Through different types of configurations, each practice can decide for themselves what digital patient services they should have, which questions to ask before and after a meeting, how scheduling should work and much more. We have major customers working in this way today, e.g. Region Örebro County and Region Västra Götaland

Can smaller healthcare organisations also use Visiba Care?

Visiba Care is specially adapted for medium to large healthcare organizations. However, the scalability of the solution and our licensing model enables healthcare providers to start on a smaller scale and grow progressively. For a smaller healthcare organisation with fewer employees and limited resources, who still want to achieve the quality and stability of Visiba Care, you can use the platform through selected partners. Please contact us for more information.