Meet the team

Our medical advisors

Visiba Care has partnered up with a team of distinguished, practising healthcare professionals, lead by Erica Bonns, MD, Chief Medical Officer at Visiba, who contribute with their diverse backgrounds and professional experiences to Red Robin, our automated tool for medical history and triage. Each Medical Advisor brings in their expertise, vigilance, and insights into the everyday life and work of the healthcare floor to ensure accuracy in Red Robin and shape the direction of our products towards the vision of digi-physical care.

Head of Medical

Erica Bonns

Erica Bonns, MD, is a specialist Paediatrician, with long experience in acute paediatrics and children’s emergency care, as well as the Swedish national portal of health and care. As Head of Medical at Visiba Care, Erica oversees the operations of our team of medical consultants and the medical part of Red Robin.

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General Practitioner, Lambeth, South London

Martin Godfrey

Dr Martin Godfrey is an experienced practising GP, who previously held the positions of Clinical Lead and Governing Body Member at Lambeth CCG before its amalgamation into South East London CCG. Martin has years of experience in medical education and thought leadership, and a focus on new models of care. Martin Godfrey is Visiba Care’s clinical consultant in the UK.

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Martin Godfrey – medical advisor at Visiba Care

Specialist nurse in occupational health

Minna Haanpää

Minna Haanpää has been a nurse since 2006, a specialist in occupational health with experience in acute psychiatric care, primary care, and community care. Minna has previously worked as a system tester within software development and is currently attending the Masters in eHealth and Health Informatics programme from Linnaeus University.

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Specialist GP and Emergency room manager at Bjørnafjorden municipality

Sveinung Gangstø

Sveinung Gangstø, MD, is a specialist in General Practice practising at Bjørnafjorden municipality, where he is also responsible for General Practice, home care facilities, and emergency services and emergency room manager. Sveinung has been a practicing GP in Os municipality in Norway for many years and has been a Senior advisor of the Norwegian Directorate of eHealth for 3 years, planning solutions for Norwegian healthcare. He has also held the position of Head of Medical leader at a cloud-based solution company facilitating endurance training.

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Sveinung Gangstø

Resident clinician in General Medicine

Mats Halldin

Mats Halldin, MD, PhD, is a resident clinician in General Medicine with a doctorate in cardiovascular epidemiology. He has previously held the position of Medical Director in digital health organisations. As a member of Visiba Care’s medical team, he is advising on Red Robin.

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Mats Halldin, Medical Advisor at Visiba Care

General Practitioner

Marcus Olausson

Marcus Olausson, MD, is a practicing GP at a primary care centre in central Stockholm with a special interest in paediatrics, and experience in children’s emergency as well as an addiction clinic and neonatal care. Since Marcus joined Visiba Care’s medical team he has been contributing to the correlation between symptoms and conditions in Red Robin, as well as extensive research in AI and triage systems.

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