Region Örebro chooses Visiba Care – Broader opportunities for digital consultations in public healthcare

Cornelia Broqvist

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Region Örebro has chosen Visiba Care as a platform supplier for digital consultations. The agreement offers more patient groups in both primary and secondary care the opportunity to meet healthcare professionals online, as early as next year. Together with the Västra Götaland region(VGR), Region Örebro is the second in a row to choose Visiba Care as a platform in such a short time.

During procurement, Region Örebro placed high demands on the digital consultations service to meet the needs of a large organisation and provide different healthcare units with the opportunity to customise their healthcare flows and patient offer. Through Visiba Care, patients in both specialist and primary care will be able to meet the region’s healthcare staff digitally.

An increasing number of regions and county councils are choosing to offer digital consultations, a trend that many welcome. VGR took the first step towards scaling up in autumn 2018 and now, Region Örebro raises the bar further, by investing in a sophisticated solution, to include more units and clinics in all areas of the region.

This is an anticipated breakthrough that we hope will inspire other large healthcare providers to get started with digital consultations. With Visiba Care’s solution operating throughout the organisation, the healthcare chain becomes more seamless, which benefits both healthcare providers and patients. The fact that VGR and Örebro are at the forefront of this development makes us even more excited since these are the two locations in Sweden we have offices in.

says Andreas Larsson, Senior Sales Executive and co-founder of Visiba Care.

Samuel Sporrenstrand is the Chief Technology Officer at Visiba Care and leads Development in the Örebro team.

Region Örebro has previously run pilot projects with our platform for their young persons clinic and diabetes care – taking the step further and opening up to all healthcare operations feels like a milestone for Swedish publically-funded healthcare. It is also more exciting for me as an Örebro local that our region is at the forefront and among the first in Sweden to scale up digital consultations.

says Samuel Sporrenstrand.

The agreement was signed in November 2018 with Visiba Care’s partner ATEA.

For more information, please contact:

Andreas Larsson, Senior Sales Executive
Phone: +46(0)706 199 37 66