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How Visiba can support the COVID-19 vaccine administration

Sofia Pyrgioti

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Recently the world saw the silver lining of the COVID-19 vaccine shining through. With 3 vaccines already available, the NHS is tasked to prepare for a large-scale rollout throughout the first half of the year. In this post, we share some inspiration from our customers and examples of digital pathways that can facilitate the large-scale vaccination for COVID-19.

A vaccination of this scale, being the vast administrative task that it is, is truly the ideal arena for digital tools to add the most value since the pandemic began. When a solution to an impediment burdening the world for almost a year is so close, there is no room for shortcomings or plaster solutions. The requirements as outlined in the letter Urgent preparing for general practice to contribute to a potential COVID-19 vaccination programme sent by the NHS are clear: The rollout needs to be done quickly, to a huge part of the national population that shows the utmost confidence in the process, and effectively, by making the best use of the existing scarce NHS resources.

What we can do together

The Visiba Care platform offers pillars of functionality, developed to effectively streamline processes like the COVID-19 vaccination digitally: configuration flexibility, patient access, reduced administration. We present some digital pathways and features in Visiba Care that can actualise the requirements placed on the PCNs and pharmacies for the vaccination process.

Patients can choose the date, time, location and healthcare professional in a branded virtual clinic

With the population’s attitudes towards the pandemic overall and the speed of the vaccine in particular being vastly diverse, the NHS is required to promote transparency and ensure uptake. With Visiba you can deploy a white-label virtual clinic, meaning that the people accessing the online service to book the vaccine appointment see their healthcare provider’s brand. Visiba also enables patients to book an appointment with the healthcare professional of their choice. Seeing their healthcare provider’s app and having the option to get the vaccine from their regular GP or pharmacist, increases their confidence in the process and increases their chances of showing up.

A single entry point – Unique configurations for every reception

Access to vaccination data should be available for both national bodies as well as trial stakeholders. At the same time, bookings should be made available in a system shared by organisations. The Visiba Enterprise solution was developed to serve exactly these purposes. The branded virtual clinic allows a large organisation to include the full spectrum of their services in a single entry point. At the same time, the individual units can configure their reception to effectively repurpose their own resource capacity, while the data is still aggregated at an organisational level. The patients can access the app of their entire PCN or pharmacy organisation via the app and select their own location, GP practice, or pharmacy, represented by their own individual reception in the virtual clinic structure. Moreover, healthcare providers can simply add new, temporary receptions to reflect mobile vaccination spots. This may also be relevant if there is a need to increase capacity and avoid the spread of infection in regular healthcare facilities. In addition, it is possible to enter exact location information for each reception, making it easy for people to find their way to the right place.

Patient-initiated bookings

Another requirement for the COVID-19 vaccination is to enable proactive booking – one that finds us fully on-board as giving patients this option decreases the chances of the patient not attending dramatically. Namely, in Visiba Care, the average DNA rate for patient-initiated bookings across the board is an impressive 2%. Healthcare providers using Visiba-powered virtual clinics can activate patient-initiated appointments, where patients can choose the time of the vaccination that suits them best.

Active consent

The population is also called to consent to the vaccine administration – a process that can easily be automated with digital tools. When patients book an appointment in a Visiba-powered virtual clinic, they can disclose their consent in a form that reflects the National Consent Form and can be sent prior to the appointment. Moreover, Visiba-powered virtual clinics offer the opportunity to patient representatives to use the app with authentication, standardising the process for the patients who cannot consent for themselves. The healthcare provider automatically receives the responses which are then stored in the platform.

Duplicate an appointment for the second shot

The NHS is called to create solid processes for the second vaccination round and for potentially missed appointments. After the first vaccination appointment, users in Visiba Care can easily duplicate that first appointment, transferring the patient’s data, appointment categorisation, and healthcare professional to a new date for the second vaccination round. The second appointment can be duplicated on the spot with the presence of the patient to set a date that suits them. The same process can facilitate following up on late or missed appointments.

Automatic notifications for physical appointments

To ensure that patients are reminded of their appointment, Visiba Care automatically sends regular reminders before the appointment, a day, an hour, and 5 minutes prior to the booking.

Messaging and forms for remote monitoring

To support remote monitoring, Visiba allows for a great part of the process to be automated and minimise administration time compared to the same process via telephone. At the specified intervals, administrative staff from the pharmacy or the GP practice can start a messaging conversation straight from the calendar appointment, which can include a standardised remote monitoring form as well as instructions on how to fill it.

Aggregated monitoring data

With the support of Visiba, you can also generate reports that show the collective results of the form responses, which can be shared for administrative and phase 4 trial reporting. During this process, the data collected for immunisation reporting purposes can also be added to the National Immunisation Vaccination System web app and/or the National Immunisation Management System web app. For this purpose, healthcare providers can export in a .CSV format the results of the appointments (e.g. vaccination shot 1 complete, vaccination shot 2 complete etc.) and then import them in the national systems, without any integration required.

Vaccine process & requirements How Visiba can help you optimise outcomes
  • Maximise uptake & transparency
  • Branded virtual clinic
  • Patient chooses healthcare professional, date, time and location
  • Patients can book proactively
  • Patient-initiated bookings
  • Patient chooses healthcare professional, date, time and location
  • Repurpose capacity
  • Designated web portal
  • Enterprise structure:
    – Unique configuration for receptions
    – Single entry point
    – Temporary receptions for mobile vaccination spots
  • Second shot administration
  • Process for DNAs
  • Duplicate appointment
  • Healthcare-initiated appointments
  • Reminders
  • Automatic notification (SMS and/or push notification) 1 day, 1 hour, 5 minutes before the appointment
  • Remote monitoring & follow-up
  • Message conversation from the appointment booking
  • Standardised forms
  • Continuous data sharing
  • Aggregated reports from standardised form responses
  • Exports in .csv and quick imports to National Databases


What our customers have done

As the pandemic continued to gallop across the globe and with physical appointment booking made available in Visiba Care, our customers quickly mobilised to simplify the COVID-19 testing process and make it available digitally.

Two Swedish regions started on a small scale, with 3,000-4,000 physical appointments for COVID-19 testing available for patients to book via their virtual clinic at the beginning of the summer. Both regions optimised their workflow by sending the test results via Visiba Care: Patients received a text message and/or push notification that their results are available. The patients could then securely log in to the virtual clinic app and view the message sent to them by their healthcare provider. As the flu season was looming and with strong proof of efficiency with the COVID-19 testing patient pathway, both Swedish regions decided to make the flu vaccination appointments available in the same way.

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At the end of October, the regions tripled the number of physical appointments for COVID-19 testing and flu vaccinations booked in a month. One region started November strong, with 13,000 physical appointments booked only for testing and vaccinations in the first 12 days, estimating to close the month with 30,000 bookings – 10 times more than the number of appointments booked in the first month, June. After the scaling up of similar use cases, the physical appointment bookings in Visiba Care saw a booming 470fold increase in mid-November compared to May, when the functionality was still in its infancy. October saw just short of 26,000 bookings for physical appointments in Visiba Care and the same number is 22,600 midway in November.

In a situation packed with uncertainty and the calling to the NHS to respond just as rapidly to this situation, we are ready to act alongside healthcare providers to support them in the best way we can, so that they can focus on the enormous task of bringing the world back to normal. It’s the least we can do – it’s what our company and platform were created for.

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