AI in primary care

Automating the first line of healthcare

Patient demand is increasing and the population demographics are rapidly changing. These developments put a strain on healthcare staff, who are called to manage an increasing demand with fewer resources. Automating the first line of healthcare is intensely discussed but there are still many question marks regarding several aspects of the automation. We deep-dive in some of them and aim to clear out the narrative.

AI in healthcare – what data is needed to build an AI solution

Where should automation take healthcare?

Automating the first line of healthcare is at the moment a popular discussion in healthcare, that is often attached to a lot of sentiment. This sentiment usually derives from the novelty and uncertainties of such an operation. Automated triage, chatbot diagnoses, red-flagging, signposting are all examples of the solutions discussed. But as with every innovation and new venture, particularly in such a high-risk area as healthcare, we need to take a step back and see the big picture.


What needs should such a solution cover for both healthcare professionals and patients? How do we safeguard the security of the patients and ensure that medical expertise is distilled? What is the best and safest technology to build the solution on? How can an automated solution be built to endure and address present and future challenges? And what do patients as well as healthcare professionals think of new automated tools?

At Visiba Care, we had an extensive conversation on all-things AI in primary care, starting by looking at primary care and the challenges as a whole. We identified areas that are presently problematic, we consulted with healthcare professionals and patients, and we did extensive research on the technology behind automating the first line of healthcare. Anastacia Simonchik, Product Manager at Visiba Care has documented the discussions in 5 blog posts, featured below. She also had a sitdown with Andreas Larsson and thoroughly explained AI in healthcare – and out, at the following webinar. Take a look!

Webinar AI in primary care - Untangling the buzzwords The AI application the healthcare of here and now seems ready for, is diagnostic tools. But how are these solutions built and what challenges can they uptake? In this webinar, Anastacia Simonchik and Andreas Larsson break down AI in primary care. Watch the webinar

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