How to succeed with digital transformation in a large healthcare organisation

Taking the first step with digital healthcare and piloting in a unit or practice can be a good start of your journey in digital transformation. But what happens next? We spoke with Anette Falkenroth, Head of quality improvement and knowledge support in the Västra Götaland Region (VGR) – Sweden’s largest publically funded healthcare provider, with almost 1 million registered patients. Anette has been one of the driving forces of VGR’s digital transformation and we discussed challenges and tips.

VGR: A digital transformation success story

If anyone were to be an example of scaling up digital healthcare with success, it’s the Västra Götaland region. Västra Götaland started with a virtual clinic for young people in 2017. They evolved to launching their virtual clinic for primary care with a handful of healthcare professionals and moved on to also provide a digital pathway for the full spectrum of their healthcare services. Today, digital healthcare meetings are available to their entire patient range of 1.7 million inhabitants.

Anette Falkenroth, Head of quality improvement and knowledge support at VGR, has been part of this journey from the start. In this webinar, we discuss the digital transformation journey in a large healthcare organisation, like VGR. In this interview, Anette shares with us her experience, lessons learned, and takeaways.


We have met many healthcare providers who struggled with implementing digital healthcare on a broad scale. Learning from other people’s experience of the same journey is a great way of avoiding the most common pitfalls. After all, it’s rarely just “an IT project”. Rather, it is an organisational change management process, where a clear vision, transparent goals, and engaged people are the prime factors of success.

Johan Olsson, Project manager for virtual clinics at VGR, has taken great notes of this process. In this customer story, he tells us all about VGR’s journey: From pilot to large-scale implementation of digital healthcare. We have partnered up with various healthcare providers and we have gathered many tips and insights. If you’re after further inspiration, download our guide below!

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