A patient-centric approach to care

The digital toolbox you need today – and tomorrow

We think digital technology should not replace but extend the service you provide to your patients. When implemented correctly, technology does not form a barrier. Instead, it enables you to enhance your services by giving patients more options, routes and access to care. Additional digital options running alongside your current physical pathways and face-to-face will help reduce patient waiting lists and enable a patient-centric approach to care.  At the same time, it will allow managers to free up staff and meet efficiencies, and clinicians to better manage the demand on their time.

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High-quality tools to support high-quality care

Visiba Care, the preferred and most trusted virtual care platform in the Nordics, has worked in health systems that span primary, secondary, mental health and integrated care similar to ICSs. We have helped more than 2,500 clinics and trained more than 30,000 healthcare professionals in providing digital care through our platform. Our experience has taught us that every forward-thinking healthcare organisation needs a flexible and scalable virtual care platform to support staff, create efficiencies in clinical pathways, facilitate collaboration between multidisciplinary teams and enable quicker access to clinical care for patients.

Visiba Care’s virtual care platform comes with a wide range of powerful features, including:

  • A white label patient portal (native app and web interface) for easy access to all your clinics and their healthcare services
  • A user-friendly and intuitive web interface for healthcare staff that requires minimal training to use
  • Patient- or clinical-managed bookings of appointments – be it messaging, video, or face-to-face
  • Powerful AI triage for automating relevant parts of the clinical pathway, helping you to manage demand more efficiently
  • Online consultations through secure video or messaging where participants can securely share files and documents
  • Clinical and multidisciplinary team video meetings to support collaboration and people-centred care
  • Grow at your pace

    At Visiba Care we believe that digital transformation is inevitable for healthcare organisations to continue to provide high-quality care. We also believe that healthcare providers need a virtual care platform to sit alongside electronic medical records and national online services (111). But we understand that everyone’s digital transformation journey is unique and that every organisation has different needs and starting points. Our solution is flexible and allows you to go at your own pace. For some, the first steps are providing online consultations via video, but many are now embarking on a ‘digital first’ strategy involving all the features available. When your organisation is ready for the next step, get in touch with our team who can advise how you can evolve and grow your digital offer.

    Expect more

    Visiba Care’s virtual care platform is used extensively, serving seven million patients in the Nordics, Netherlands and the UK. Our technology builds on an infrastructure that offers agility alongside usability. We provide user-friendly and intuitive tools that create a streamlined experience for patients contacting your clinics, facilitate collaboration within and between multidisciplinary teams, and ease the pressure for your administrative staff.

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    Demand more

    Visiba Care delivers your immediate digital needs and is your innovative technology partner. Our platform has all the functionalities to grow as your digital maturity evolves, and your systems develop. Talk to us about how technology can support users to make informed decisions and support organisations to provide continuous and seamless care.

    If you require a solution that supports online consultations while transforming patient pathways through powerful AI triage, Visiba Care’s white-label virtual care platform provides the tools you need. Please contact us to hear more.

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We’re always thrilled to talk about digital transformation, so don’t hesitate to reach out with your ideas or if you would like to hear more about how Visiba Care can support your organisation.

Karen Jones

Karen Jones

Regional Business Manager