How we are supporting healthcare providers to manage COVID-19


The spread of the novel coronavirus is causing immense pressure on healthcare and NHS 111. A way to minimise the spread of infection is, wherever possible, to direct physical appointments to digital communication channels. Visiba Care’s platform equips healthcare providers with the right tool to perform online consultations, via video, messaging, and virtual drop-in. Our platform supports healthcare to:

  • Cope with the increased influx of patients with COVID-19 adjacent symptoms.
  • Ensure that healthcare professionals in confinement can continue to work from home.
  • Follow-up digitally on patients who cannot or should not visit a physical healthcare centre.
  • Redirect all high-risk patients to a digital contact pathway, when possible.
  • Substitute physical visits to digital in receptions where the risk of infection is very high (e.g. elderly homes).
  • Offer multi-party calls with up to five participants and invite external parties, such as an interpreter to an appointment.
  • Activate a hidden drop-in reception with no authentication, where you can receive patients and protect their identity.

To support healthcare professionals in this critical situation, we have also developed customised solutions for the patient app, such as the following options:

  • Integrate with NHS 111 coronavirus information pages.
  • Integrate a COVID-19 form with questions based on COVID-19 symptoms and/or integrate coronavirus symptoms in your regular respiratory condition forms (we can provide ready-to-use questions which you can directly upload to your form).

Feel free to contact us if you want support or help to get started with online consultations. If you want to read more about Visiba Care’s solution click here.


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