How does a SaaS solution work for digital healthcare?

Have you made the decision to digitalise your healthcare operations? Great news! The next step would be to decide what kind of technical solution is right for you. In this post, we explain what SaaS is and what benefits such a solution can provide, compared to building your own solution. Especially if you don’t have a lot of resources or time, and a clear plan of what exactly you may need, the SaaS model is a good fit, it’s safe and cost-effective.

What is a SaaS solution?

SaaS (Software as a Service) is a software service provided by an external provider. Since the supplier develops and owns the platform, instead of your organisation, you have to adapt to a certain extent to what is offered. But the truth of the matter is that you often find the features you need in these solutions, even though they may not look exactly as you intended. Many SaaS solutions are also flexible, which means you can both grow with the service and make your own customisations.

The benefits of SaaS are many:

It is a tried-out solution

You don’t buy a pig in the poke with a SaaS solution. Since other providers also use this solution, it will most likely work well for your reception. You avoid taking any major risks, and you can easily change it if you are not satisfied.

You come out to the market faster

An increasing number of healthcare providers offer digital care. To avoid falling behind, it’s important that you can get up and running quickly. With a SaaS solution, you don’t waste valuable time reinventing the wheel, and can start more or less directly. The investment is relatively low and you can be confident that the solution will work from the date you want, as several customers are already using it.

You get faster development

Since you can quickly get started with your business, you can also move on to the next step swiftly and can evaluate both the product and your specific needs. Do the results meet your expectations? Is there a way to scale up the business? In many SaaS systems you can switch functions on and off according to needs. If you start on a smaller scale and offer e.g. video consultations via drop-in, you may want to add the option to book a time or communicate via messaging over time.

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Operation and updates are included

To stay up to date with a system, continuous development is required. In turn, that requires an operating environment and, above all, resources. With a SaaS solution, the solution provider manages development and continuously tests and updates the platform – in the meantime, you can focus on providing care.

It is customisable

Even if you as a customer don’t own the SaaS solution, some suppliers offer eg. open APIs that make it possible to customise existing solutions for your particular healthcare organization and integrate with other systems you may be using.

SaaS solution vs. build your own

There can also be advantages in developing your own solution. This means greater freedom in owning the product and the development and the option to tailor flows and functions based entirely on their own operations. It’s important, then, that you as a client have control over what you need, and can create detailed requirement specifications to move forward with – in addition an abundance of finances, time and resources. Otherwise, the risk is that you have spent a lot of money and you have locked yourself into a system that doesn’t work the way you want it to, and that requires major efforts to change. Unfortunately, there are quite a few examples of systems that looked good when they were built but quickly became outdated and most of all, end up costing considerably more than planned.

With a SaaS solution, you don’t need to know exactly what you want right from the start but you can take that time to test, evaluate and grow when you have a concrete idea of how digital healthcare can be best used in your particular business.

Anna-Lena Kärrstrand

Anna-Lena Kärrstrand


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