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How to buy Visiba Care

Are you an NHS provider with access to national frameworks? Tap into the opportunity and access Visiba Care via the framework that best suits your organisation. We have been approved for different functionality, security, interoperability, service, and pricing criteria and we are a trusted supplier on a national level.

Visiba Care is currently available via GCloud–12 and Spark DPS of the Crown Commercial Service and DFOCVC (Digital-first, online and video consultations) of the NHS. CCGs, Trusts, A&E, social & community care, and integrated care providers have access to purchasing via these frameworks. Healthcare providers have the opportunity to select a supplier that has been audited and approved on the most relevant criteria for online consultations, with competitive pricing. Below you can read more about each framework and find out details on how to select Visiba Care via the framework of your choice. Alternatively, you can contact us directly and we’d be happy to guide you through the purchasing process.


What: Making Cloud services available to the public sector. Visiba Care is available via lot 2: Cloud Software –Software as a Service (SaaS) applications, usually accessed over the internet or private network and hosted in the cloud.
When: Contracts via GCloud-12 are available until September 2021
How: Access the Digital Marketplace and list your requirements. Export the suppliers and assess their services. Evaluate the responses and award your contract.
From: Crown Commercial Service

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Integration and safety digital healthcare virtual clinic in whitelabel virtual clinic platform | Visiba Care


What: Delivering suppliers who enable general practice (primary & secondary care providers, community pharmacies, A&E, optometry, dentistry) to commit to the NHS Long Term Plan’s support for online consultations.
When: Contracts via DFOCVC are available until March 2024
How: A new catalogue will be published in NHS Digital, replacing the existing DPS and GP IT futures framework. You will be able to download the list of suppliers and compare them according to your requirements.
From: NHS Digital

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Spark Dynamic Purchasing Framework

What: Bringing radical and disruptive innovation to the public sector
When: Contracts via Spark are available until April 2023
How: Register to the Dynamic Purchasing System Marketplace and filter suppliers based on your requirements. Export the suitable suppliers and run a competition. Evaluate the responses and award your contract.
From: Crown Commercial Service

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