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Integrated Care

Integrated care digital solution visiba care

Integrated Care Systems provide a joined-up approach to patient care to allow a more holistic view of health and wellbeing. The venture of bringing together the NHS and councils to facilitate healthcare, mental health, social services and other services began in 2016 with Sustainability & Transformation Partnerships, some of which have now evolved into integrated care systems.

The technical aspect can be of immense help when providing a joined-up approach to patient care. Integrated Care is one of the areas where Visiba Care can deliver the most value. Our solution can make internal and external communications simple and create seamless workflows and patient flows that centre around the same common cause: the patient’s overall health and wellbeing.

Joined-up communication

A central communication hub for all the parties involved can help overrule all physical barriers. A single system of communication can seamlessly bring all the professionals involved in a case together with simplicity and ease. Social workers, mental health and medical professionals can access and share the same case information and documents without collecting it over and over or manually sending it to each other.

Multi-disciplinary meetings including the patient

In Visiba Care, experts in Integrated Care have the opportunity to start a multi-party call, which allows up to 5 participants in the same video consultation. Multi-party calls can facilitate care-to-care meetings when professionals need to deliberate over a case. In care-to-patient meetings, the patient can consult and get information, advice, or share documents with all care professionals involved in the case. Moreover, carers, interpreters or any other external supporting partner can join the call as a patient representative. be part of the consultation and receive relevant information first-hand. Multi-party calls create a seamless flow of communication for Integrated Care in a central location, saving time, travel and administration for everyone.

Ease of use for patients

Visiba Care makes access to Integrated Care effortless for patients as well. Through a single-entry point, patients can access different disciplines and different receptions. They can contact any discipline and send relevant information and causes for concern – once and from the same app, branded under the Integrated Care System’s visual identity. Depending on each user’s permissions, care professionals can access some or all information in the different receptions.

A platform for integrated care should be designed with customisability and flexibility in mind. Take a look at our customer stories to see how it could work for your business.


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