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The primary care service has a broad mission and its responsibilities include medical treatment, preventive care, and rehabilitation. This means that there are many possible channels through which to contact the patient, in a large number of contexts. Sometimes, physical visits are required when the healthcare provider needs to take samples or physically examine the patient, but sometimes an online meeting is enough. Both forms of meetings can complement each other.

With Visiba Care, staff can work more flexibly and resources from various GP practices can collaborate on staffing. More patients can also be helped by specialists linked to specific practices throughout the country. The result is a high quality of care for the patient, a lower cost of care and more equal care, regardless of geographical boundaries.

Visiba Care enables a primary care practice to choose between several different flows and features. For example, they can meet their patients via a virtual drop-in clinic or schedule a video consultation during a follow-up call. They can allow the patients to book appointments when it suits them, which in combination with reminder notifications can reduce the risk of missed visits, a problem that constitutes a large cost to the health services each year.

Video consultations allow patients to meet a healthcare professional remotely, but multi-party calls also allow you to invite several people to a meeting. It can be a relative or an interpreter who is there to support the patient, or a doctor at a GP practice might invite a colleague, perhaps a specialist from a hospital. Multi-party calls help the health services coordinate, for example through care planning meetings following an accident, where several institutions are involved. The patient can then in a single meeting get in touch with staff from the hospital that handled the operation as well as primary care staff responsible for the rehabilitation and even an insurance company representative.

Many primary care providers combine an offer of a video consultation and chat with asynchronous messages, through which the patient can contact the healthcare services at any time of day. Questionnaires that the patient fills out prior to a visit can help the healthcare provider prepare, but they can also be used afterwards to evaluate the visit. You can also export statistics to measure and analyse activities.

There are myriad possibilities, but you can start small and adjust and grow over time.


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