A virtual care platform for secondary care

By seeing patients part virtually, through secure video and digital communication, you can provide close care and manage demand more efficiently.

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For many patients with a severe illness or condition, getting to a hospital can present a major challenge and health risk; with mobility being a potential limitation and the increased risk of infection. Our virtual care platform can help to mitigate these challenges by enabling patients to meet with healthcare professionals virtually rather than face-to-face. When suitable, a virtual meeting is just as good or better than a physical meeting and you free up time for those who need to have a physical examination or take a sample.

Joined-up communication

Through our virtual care platform, healthcare professionals can provide a more consistent and coordinated approach to care. The use of the multi-party call function or messages allows multi-disciplinary teams involved in a patient pathway to come together easily.

Higher productivity

From a managemnet point of view, perhaps the greatest benefit of digital transformation, is the possibility of higher productivity. By streamlinging administartion and giving the patients the chance to take some initiatives themselves, healthcare professionals will get more time to do what they do best.

Effects in secondary care

Shorter meetings

Virtual consultations generally takes 20–60 % less time than a physical meeting.

mer kontroll

More control

By managing cases digitally your reception will have a better overview of cases and staffing.

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Closer care

Making it easier for the patient to take part in their own care will make them feel more secure.

The simplicity of use of the app is the thing that we value the most. We have had many self-confessed technophobes come onto the training courses, but by the end of the training, they have been ready and able to use the system with confidence.

Mike Oliver

Project Manager at Livewell Southwest

I have just successfully done my first video consultation with a client – bless her, she was an absolute star and I was able to see what chair she had, what the problems were with it, make sure she was seated correctly in it, and establish what we need to put it right. This has saved a duty visit which I would have needed to put through.

Specialist Occupational Therapist

Livewell Southwest

As a doctor, Visiba Care is excellent for me; the interface is flexible, intuitive, and coherent. It allows me to be readily prepared for each meeting, so I can work faster, securely, and efficiently.

Hejko Schlesinger, MD

General practitioner, Bra Liv nära

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