Our solution

You provide care, we handle the rest

With Visiba Care, you do not have to worry about the technology. We take care of design and configuration and make sure that you are constantly updated to meet today and tomorrow’s requirements.

Patient having blood pressure taken | Visiba Care

With Visiba Care, you do not need to think about technology and can instead focus on giving your patients the best possible care. We handle design and configuration, and help you get started with your virtual clinic. We are by your side throughout, sharing our best practices and listening to your expectations and needs. Through close collaboration with our customers, we are continually improving the platform and adding new features and flows to offer what your activities and your patients need.


Operation, development, support, and continuous updates – all this is part of a simple business model which allows you to grow so that you can spend your valuable time on your work and your patients.

Your brand, your healthcare offer.