Our solution

You provide care, we handle the rest

With Visiba Care, you do not have to worry about the technology. Drift, development, support, and continuous updates – everything is included in a scalable business model that you can grow with, so you can make better use of your time with your organisation and your patients.

Patient having blood pressure taken | Visiba Care

We handle design and configuration, and help you get started with your virtual clinic fast. We are by your side throughout, sharing our best practices and listening to your expectations and needs. Through close collaboration with our customers, we are continually improving the platform and adding new features and flows to fulfil the needs of your patients and operations.

At Visiba Care, the user is always in focus. We work with a scrum-based agile software development method and maintain a strong focus on continuous quality assurance on our platform. Through regular planning meetings with our customers, we align on a joint future direction for our product. All major changes are tested by selected users and reviewed by an external clinical adviser. Cross-functional teams define user stories and break them down to define technology, usability, and quality. The code is checked both manually by experienced developers, as well as through automated testing.

Every change in the product undergoes structured and documented testing and each new release is approved from a development, product, and quality perspective. Read more about what you should consider with regards to integration and security.

Your brand, your healthcare offer..