How it works

For administrators

Administrators can configure patient pathways, perform maintenance, and overall monitor the digital reception.

Administrator user permission in whitelabel virtual clinic platform | Visiba Care

Administrators are authorised to maintain and configure the platform so that the reception can adapt, develop and improve the patient services and digital offer. This includes checking the platform settings, reviewing patient flows for each reception in the virtual clinic, including the buttons, text, and icons displayed to the patients.

Maintenance can include changes to default settings such as booking settings, user rights, and standard notifications for patients and healthcare professionals.

Administrators also configure and activate the patient flows and channels. They can create and manage drop-in rooms, activate secure messages, or enable the function that allows patients to book their own appointments. They can also modify the list of conditions or reasons for a visit and create as well as manage the forms attached to each pathway.

To follow up on the use and capacity of a virtual clinic, the administrator can produce statistics that can be exported for further processing in Excel or a BI system.

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