How it works

For healthcare professionals

Healthcare professionals have a variety of options to work with Visiba Care, both in terms of communication and administration.

Healthcare professional user permission in whitelabel virtual clinic platform | Visiba Care

Healthcare professionals see and are able to work with the patient flows that are configured for their virtual clinic, and have access to a number of functions on the platform.

After login and authentication, the healthcare professional can mark themselves as available in drop-in rooms, add bookable time slots for patients, or book appointments themselves.

But most of all, they can communicate with the patients. Communication can either take place via text, as a chat or secure messages, or via video meetings with a patient, or a colleague where needed. It is also possible to invite extra participants to a multi-party call, which allows for up to ten persons to join in.

Before a video meeting, the healthcare professional can prepare by reading the patient’s descriptions and answers on forms, and look at attached photos. During the meeting itself, it is possible to share a screen or photos and files. Following the video consultation, there is a short evaluation where the healthcare professional is able to give information about the outcome and quality of the meeting.

Healthcare professionals can also see statistics on their video consultations and manage their profile, upload a new profile image, change their profession settings and personal notifications.

Learn more about how the system works for other roles: administrators, schedulers, and patients.


What do healthcare professionals working with Visiba Care think?

The simplicity of use of the app is the thing that we value the most. We have had many self-confessed technophobes come onto the training courses, but by the end of the training, they have been ready and able to use the system with confidence.

Mike Oliver

Project Manager at Livewell Southwest

As a doctor, Visiba Care is excellent for me; the interface is flexible, intuitive, and coherent. It allows me to be readily prepared for each meeting, so I can work faster, securely, and efficiently.

Hejko Schlesinger, MD

General practitioner, Bra Liv nära

Visiba Care is a customer-responsive partner, with a profound understanding of the business and apt to step it up. We can trust that we can use the platform in all situations – safely and securely.

Gudrun Greim

Operations Manager, Närhälsan Online