Incoming case: Injured after banging head against wall

Hello, Dr Weasley

We are sorry to hear about your ailment.
We have been treating an armada of clinicians with similar symptoms lately. Let’s talk about your symptoms! Head injury after digital use; Popped vessels after dropped calls; Palpitations with increased administration; Arrhythmia on a monthly basis – after receiving the bill? Melancholy related to DNA rates; Increased anxiety triggered by the sight of avoidable harms. Looks like a textbook case of unfit virtual clinic software. Let’s discuss your treatment.

Dr Weasley has been banging his head against the wall trying to use the virtual clinic software he's been given

We prescribe Visiba Care. Visiba Care is a whitelabel virtual clinic platform developed for long-term support of digital healthcare. The platform has been through rigorous clinical testing in Sweden and the UK and has shown 40-60% reduction in consultation time as focus and preparation for appointments increases. Effects of Visiba Care include:

  • ease of use
  • affordability
  • stability
  • high-quality digital care
  • excellent video consultation quality
  • digital transformation of patient pathways
  • seamless and quick workflows
  • decreased administration


The effects are activated instantly after set up. Setting up Visiba Care is quick and easy, managed by the provider and can take a maximum of 2 weeks. The latest setup results were 512 receptions in 4 weeks. Your patients may experience the following effects with your app:

  • a virtual clinic app and web interface with your graphic profile
  • reduced travel time
  • a reception structure that reflects your operations
  • reduced waiting time
  • increased accessibility
  • minimised risk of infection


Namely, a patient from the clinical phase IV has said:

A must-have app during quarantine
Just like being at the actual appointment, you feel like you are in the room with the person, very clear, no lag or pixelation issues, reminders sent prior to appointment and a nice simple logging in system

Partner/System-wide use is recommended for maximised effect.

Side effects may include:


User satisfaction


DNA rate



What to expect

How online consultations look with Visiba Care

Visiba Care is developed for long-term use and support of clinicians – however, the effects are immediate. Take a look at how online consultations can look like with Visiba Care.

Rigorous clinical testing

Fulfil all NHSE/I requirements

Ease of use, interoperability, security, digitalisation expertise, uptime – the effects are evident. Visiba Care is built to cater to the present needs of healthcare and developed to scale and expand to cover future needs with ease. Cross-reference the NHSE/I requirements with Visiba Care’s functions and services in detail.

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