Our solution

Your brand, your healthcare offer

Visiba Care is a white-label solution, which means that patients are met by your brand and visual profile when they use your service.

white label branded virtual clinic patient app visiba care

Visiba Care’s digital services are designed and developed with the patient in focus. With our white-label solution, the patients are using an app branded with your visual identity, which stands for so much more than just shapes and colours – it is a symbol your patients associate with safety and quality of care.

It is simple to customise both visual elements and the content of your patient offer and communications, e.g. by changing texts in the patient app. Your organisation appears as the sender in your chosen login authentication method as well as in all digital communications with the patient – unlike many similar services, where the patient is often met with the supplier’s name and logotype.

In addition, you can seamlessly integrate your virtual clinic with external web services that you want your patients to easily access, such as NHS 111 or self-care. Patients don’t have to exit the flow to search external locations for information; they can seamlessly navigate the app, ensuring a cohesive holistic experience.

You can manage most configurations instantly and on your own, without having to wait for deployment or request them from us.

Your unique flows and healthcare processes.