Our solution

Your brand, your healthcare offer

Visiba Care is a white-label solution, which means that patients are met by your brand and visual profile when they use your service.

Your brand and your graphic profile are so much more than shapes and colours; It is a symbol your patients recognise and associate with safety and quality. Meeting your visual identity can make a world of difference to patients who reach out to you for care.

Visiba Care makes it possible for healthcare providers to customise the visuals and content of their patient offer and outbound communication.

The patient app can reflect your brand colours and appearance as well as giving you the opportunity to change several texts displayed to patients within the app environment. Patients can feel safe logging in to a service with your brand name and receiving electronic communications with you as the sender, unlike most services where the supplier is marked as the sender.

You can also add links to external web content you deem useful for patients to access, such as NHS111, NHS Health A to Z, or your practice website.

You can handle most configurations instantly and on your own, without having to wait for deployment or request them from us.

Your unique flows and healthcare processes.