Our solution

Your brand, your healthcare offer

Visiba Care is a white-label solution, which means that patients are met by your brand and visual profile when they use your service.

Your brand and your graphic profile are not just shapes and colours. It is a symbol of something your patients recognise and associate with safety and quality. That’s why we have created a white label solution which means that it is your brand that is displayed to the patients.

You can handle most configurations on your own and do not have to go through us. For example, you can easily add the digital services that you are offering to your patients and change them when needed. You can also add texts about the service to be shown to the patients.

It is the name of your organisation that is shown when the patient logs in securely or receives reminders and other messages. The patients can feel safe in their dialogue with you, while you retain control of your communication with the world.

Your unique flows and healthcare processes.