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Your unique flows and healthcare processes

One size does not fit all. That’s why we have developed a platform where you can choose which parts are right for your business and which functions to activate or deactivate in real-time.

With Visiba Care, your digital healthcare workflows can be divided into five steps that represent different puzzle pieces in your unique solution. For each step there are several possibilities, but it is possible to start on a small scale and add more functions, flows, and receptions over time. By testing, evaluating, and changing along the way, you can figure out how you want to optimise the solution to fit your specific patient flows and operations.

1. Channel

Here you decide which forms of meetings you want to work with at your virtual clinic. What do you prefer – video consultations, chats, or secure messages? Here you also specify how visits are initiated, for example via invitation, scheduling by the patient, or drop-in queues, and whether or not you will offer consultations with more than two participants*. You can have several types of active channels at the same time.

2. Preparation

In this step, the patient is always able to upload photos and explain why they are looking for healthcare, but you can also activate a list of reasons for contacting you, making it easier to direct patients to the appropriate specialist resource. Dynamic forms allow patients to answer general questions ahead of the visit, but you can also create forms linked to a specific reason for a visit.

3. Connection

In this step, you can configure the types of notifications that are activated, for the patient and healthcare worker. Reminders can be sent by text message, e-mail, or as a notification in the app, radically reducing the risk of the patient forgetting their visit.

4. Meeting

During the meeting, you can meet your patients via secure messages or a video call. During the video call, you can share your screen with the patient, but also send files with test results etc. and chat with the patient. Through multi-party calls, up to five persons can participate in the call, for example, a colleague, interpreter, or relative of the patient.

5. Closing

In the final step, both the patient and healthcare professional can answer questions about the visit, which can help you evaluate your meetings and your activities.

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