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One size does not fit all. That’s why we have developed a platform where you can choose which parts are right for your business and which functions to activate or deactivate in real-time.

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In Visiba Care, you can choose which healthcare flows and processes you want to include in your virtual clinic. You can activate or deactivate the different functions yourselves and put them in effect in real-time.

To illustrate the different available options, we have outlined the digital healthcare flow in five steps, each representing a different piece of the puzzle that is your unique solution. Every step can be configured in several ways, the most effective option is to start on a small scale and add different features, flows, and receptions over time. By testing, evaluating, and finetuning along the way, you can determine how to optimise the solution to best suit your patients and operational needs.

1. Channel

At this stage, you can decide which consultation format you want to make available at your virtual clinic. What suits you and your patients best? Video consultations with a chat function for up to five participants can be particularly useful for patients with comorbidity. Maybe you prefer secure messaging? You can also specify how appointments will be initiated, e.g. via invitation by healthcare professionals, time booking by the patient, or a drop-in queue. Activating multiple channels at the same time is also an option.

patient flow virtual clinic visiba care

2. Preparation

Before the patients enter a dialogue with their healthcare provider, they can upload images or describe their ailment. You can also activate a list of conditions, which simplifies directing patients to the appropriate channel. With dynamic forms, the patients can answer general questions before their appointment. You can also create forms yourselves and attach them to a specific reason for visit.

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3. Connection

In this step, you can configure which types of notifications will be activated for both patients and healthcare professionals. Notifications can be sent via SMS, email, or as push notifications through the app. When it is time for the appointment, the patient’s mobile phone rings, thus minimising the risk of non- attendance.

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4. Consultation

During a consultation, you can communicate with your patients via secure messaging or a video call. During the video call, you can share your screen and even send relevant files, such as test results, or chat with the patient. With multi-party calls, up to 5 people can participate in the same video call, such as a colleague, an interpreter, or a relative.

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5. Closing

In this last step, both healthcare professionals and patients can answer questions about the consultation. This function enables you to evaluate the online consultations and collect statistics and data to improve your operations.

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