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An award-winning virtual care platform

Visiba Care helps your organisation to take full advantage of digital working methods. Our virtual care platform enables you to manage every part of the patient pathway more efficiently, from pre-consultation preparation, through to the consultation itself and post-consultation monitoring. With Visiba Care, you can quickly adopt a digital approach to delivering care and, in the process, future-proof your services.

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One platform, many possibilities

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Patient portal

Healthcare services must be accessible and easy to navigate. Just one click away, via a native app or website, the patient can get information and read about your services,  all in one place. Starting from a digital front door, it is easy to search among your clinics and, at the same time, get an overview of both ongoing and completed cases.

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Custom workflows

With Visiba Care, different healthcare services can be gathered in one and the same system without compromising on specific needs or requirements. It is quick and easy for each organisation to configure and customise workflows and services in the way that suits them and scale up at their own pace.

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Online consultations

Video with two or up to 10 participants, messaging or chat? Choose the channel of contact most suitable for you and your target groups for any given moment. Video provides a valuable dimension for first assessments and outpatient follow-ups but can also facilitate remote collaboration within multidisciplinary teams. Messaging has proven high value in handling non-acute questions or administrative tasks. Combined with our AI triage tool it also provides an efficient method for primary care to handle high demand.

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Booking system

It is easy to schedule and book both digital and physical appointments in Visiba Care. You decide who can initiate an appointment. Of course, your staff will be able to book appointments, but you can also let the patient find a time that suits them or open up virtual drop-in waiting rooms. 

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Cases and referrals

We worked with our healthcare partners to create a case management system that is both highly efficient and secure. The system enables seamless communication with patients and colleagues. With this improved structure, a better overview, and quick and easy follow-up, we aim to deliver a less stressful working day for everyone.

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Anamnesis and triage

A prerequisite for efficient use of healthcare resources is that the person seeking help is routed to the right professional at the right time. By triaging (using a greater or lesser degree of automation) early, you can prioritise, delegate and provide help as needed. There are many more options than simply scheduling a physical appointment straight away!



We know the value of interoperability and compatibility with other systems. Visiba Care is built on open standards and supports several integration methods. This opens up for smooth integrations with existing and future systems, such as EMR systems or apps or services for specific conditions.

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Security and privacy

Protecting information security is a matter of course when we develop Visiba Care. There is a wide set of possible authentication solutions, and the platform ensures that data sent between servers and clients remain private and encrypted. Visiba Care is CE-marked as a medical technology product (Class I) and is certified according to the information security standards ISO 27001 and DCB 0129. All patient data is handled following GDPR and the Patient Data Act (PDL).

A trusted virtual care platform

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Why Visiba Care?

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A solution to grow with

Start small and scale up quickly and confidently. Visiba Care is a well-proven system designed for broad implementation in large organisations.

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Nurture innovation

Let the people who understand the business decide how the system will be used. Thanks to the flexible configuration at the clinic level, your local team can tell us exactly how they want the system to work for them.

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Open to integration

Remove obstacles and frustration caused by a multitude of systems and services. Visiba Care helps you connect different parts of your IT ecosystem for seamless user experiences.


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