Product updates Aug-Sept 2019

Product updates - Visiba Care

We are about to launch a number of new features in our platform which will improve the experience for both patients and healthcare workers. Below is a summary of the most important changes.

Scheduled visits can be transferred to a new healthcare worker

Visits may need to be rescheduled on short notice. When illness, double booking, or problems arise, it is important to be able to easily transfer an appointment to another healthcare worker. Visiba Care is now introducing an easy way for schedulers to transfer one or more meetings with one healthcare worker to one or more of their colleagues at the same digital practice. Both the patient and the involved healthcare workers are informed of the change via their notifications, and all relevant information, such as payment, form responses, photos and descriptions in the appointment scheduling, is transferred to the new appointment. Please note that the function is not supported for multi-party calls, where you instead cancel the meeting and schedule a new one.

Integration of external digital services*

Most healthcare organisations offer their patients various digital services, but it has previously been impossible to display these in a unified, orderly way. Visiba Care is now introducing a powerful feature where various digital, web-based services can be seamlessly integrated in a shared view which gives the patient a unified experience. The patient can access the unified view from the digital practice’s start page. Here is a list of the services and workflows that you support. The company or organisation that delivers the digital services can create a seamless experience by, for example, linking back to a specific step of the patient flow or to the start page.

*additional charge

The app can be opened in a specific step of the workflow from an external app or website

Both iOS and Andoid apps will now support “deep linking”. This means that an external app or website can link deeper into the app than the start page, e.g. directly to a specific step of the patient flow, which provides a better patient experience.

You are able to:

  • Open the app on the start page
  • Open the app in the booking flow, with certain preset parameters
  • Open the app in a specific drop-in room with a preselected reason for the visit
  • Open the app in the message flow with a preselected reason for the visit

“Besvär” [Problem] becomes “Besöksorsak” [Reason for visit] and is given a new look in the apps

What was previously labelled ”Besvär” in Visiba Care has not always corresponded to a problem, but rather to the reason for the visit (for example, “child” was often included in the list of problems, and while they can be annoying, calling them a problem might be a bit strong). We are therefore changing the heading “Besvär” [Problem] to “Besöksorsak” [Reason for visit], and we are also improving the look and simplifying the user interaction.

The look is now identical for booking, drop-in, and notifications. In connection with this, the patient’s ability to skip this choice in the booking flow is also removed, but those who want to keep this option can create an “other” category that is offered as reason for the visit.

Improved filtering for better calendar overview

Appropriate staffing is crucial at the digital practices. To ensure this in a straightforward way, Visiba Care is now making it easier to get an overview of staffing, accessibility, and utilisation by allowing calendars to be filtered by, for example, title, name, specialty or practice.

Improved filtering, detail view, and exporting of payment statistics

More and more patients are using direct payment. To simplify the administration and make it easier to find specific payments, the filtering is expanded to include:

  • Payment information (date, time, type, and status)
  • Appointment information (date, time, type of meeting, practice, healthcare worker, and patient)

With filtering, appointment date is added to the results list, which has been a frequently requested feature. The detail view for a specific payment will also include information such as the patient’s contact details, a specific reference from the external payment provider, VAT, and much more.

The payment statistics can be exported to Excel for further analysis and can then be imported, for example, into a BI system. The export will include all information shown in the detail view of each payment.

Option to limit the administrator’s rights to one or more digital practices**

As more and more regions and private healthcare providers are implementing Visiba Care across their entire operations, we are expanding the administrator role with a new level – practice administrator. While the administrator handles the entire service, the practice administrator works with one or more selected practices. This means, for example, that the practice administrator for a digital practice in primary care only sees the settings for that particular practice, not the settings for all the region’s practices.

The practice administrator will be able to configure patient flows and assign user rights at their own practice. Over time, in a later release, they will also be able to produce statistics and follow up on the use of their practice.

** requires an Enterprise license

Peter Tyreholt

Peter Tyreholt


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