Product updates August-September 2020

Product updates - Visiba Care

We will soon be launching some news on the platform that will improve the experience for patients and healthcare professionals alike. Here we summarise the most important changes.

Kindly note that launch times are preliminary and changes in appearance and launch date may occur. For more detailed information, we recommend you subscribe to our release notes..

Preliminary launch in August 2020

New report for commenced consultations

So that you can simply and efficiently monitor your virtual clinic, we are developing a report that compiles all of your commenced consultations in one list – including video consultations. physical appointments and messaging. Results can be filtered by practitioner, clinic or the entire organisation. This report will help you to see and compare the number of consultations during a given period to obtain data on types and lengths of appointments, who initiated them and much more.

The report is ready for you to export and perform your own analyses; for example, using a pivot chart in Excel.

Arrange a new appointment by duplicating a previous booking

It will soon be a quick and easy process for healthcare professionals and schedulers to book a new appointment with a patient. When you duplicate a previous booking with the same patient, almost all of the information from the previous appointment will be prefilled; the only thing you will need to complete is the time of the appointment. Just as easy as changing the time of an existing appointment!

Preliminary launch in September 2020

Passing on a messaging conversation to a colleague

It will now be possible for healthcare practitioners to pass on a picked-up messaging conversation to a colleague, something that can prove valuable when you are on holiday, sick leave or when a different speciality is required to help the patient.

This function is a first step in a series of planned improvement measures intended to make it even easier for your practice to work with messaging.

New notification whenever the list of incoming messages is no longer empty

We have added a new notification to alert healthcare practitioners when the number of incoming messages that have not been picked up goes from zero to one (or more). This can be sent by email, text message or push notification and should ensure that new messages sent to the practice are not missed.

Text notifications of new unread messages

Both healthcare practitioners and patients will soon be able to receive a text message notifying them of new, unread messages. This text message is sent with a given delay and will not be sent at all if the message has already been opened, thus ensuring that users who are already active in a messaging conversation are not disturbed unnecessarily, as well as keeping down your organisation’s messaging costs.

Improved in-app navigation

In-app navigation will become more user-friendly, making it easier for patients to find what they are looking for. As it is especially important to ensure that patients can easily access their appointment, My cases will be moved to a dedicated tab at the bottom of the app interface. Settings will also have its own view in which patients can find their profile and other settings that were previous scattered around the app.

The patient gains greater control over notifications

Earlier this year we launched a function that requests the patient’s consent to receiving text and email notifications in conjunction with registration. We are now building on this function to offer the patient the opportunity to change this setting at anytime directly in the app.

Peter Tyreholt

Peter Tyreholt


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