Product updates Nov-Dec 2019

Product updates - Visiba Care

We will soon be launching some news on the platform that will improve the experience for patients and healthcare professionals alike. Here we summarise the most important changes.

Kindly note that launch times are preliminary and changes in appearance and time may occur. For more detailed information, we recommend you subscribe to our release notes.

Book a physical appointment

(preliminary launch in November 2019)

Several of our customers have requested the opportunity to offer bookable slots of both physical and digital visits via Visiba Care. Therefore, in order to promote a seamless patient experience, it will soon be possible to schedule both digital and physical appointments in the platform.

This means that patients will be able to book both physical and digital appointments via the app or patient web interface. The healthcare provider decides what type of appointments will be offered based on the stated reason for the visit. If both physical and digital bookable times are laid out, the patient can choose the desired appointments form.

Bookable locations are added to the healthcare provider interface. In addition to the site name, description, and address, an image of the location can also be uploaded, to help patients find the right one for them. The physical locations that can be booked for each reason for visit can be configured directly in the appointments templates.

Appointment templates that support customisation of reason for visit and location of consultation

(Preliminary launch in November 2019)

Healthcare providers often handle several different issues within the same practice. For example, a healthcare resource can work with both tobacco cessation counselling and medical counselling. Users will soon have the possibility to customise appointments templates according to the reason for visit and the location of the appointment. The patient will be able to see only the scheduled times and appointments locations that apply to that particular reason for visit.

Possibility to specify different intervals for patient profile and data cleansing

(Preliminary launch in December 2019)

Today, all information on the patient, both profile data and patient data, is cleared according to the same interval. This is not optimal, as it means that the patient needs to re-create his or her profile after each data cleansing.

In the future, the patient’s profile (e.g. name, social security number, contact details) and data (e.g. appointments details, images, text) will be handled separately, so that you can have different data cleansing intervals for patient profile and patient data. The configuration is done directly in the healthcare provider interface and it’s the healthcare provider’s responsibility to ensure that applicable laws and guidelines for handling personal data and patient data are followed.

Payment for patient-initiated messages*

(Preliminary launch in December 2019)

Chat communication and communication via secure messaging are becoming an increasingly common form of digital healthcare. Soon it will be possible to charge for messaging conversations started by the patient directly in the app or patient web. For this to work, the additional service Direct payment from the patient (credit card or invoice) is required.

Healthcare providers who do not have the option of Direct payment from the patient installed, will be able to display a cost for message conversations, but the payment will not be made in the app or via the patient website. Instead, it will be handled by the healthcare provider by manual invoicing afterwards.

*Requires supplement Direct payment from the patient.

More default notifications and smoother configuration

(Gradual launch from December 2019)

Many of our customers have requested more notifications in Visiba Care. Therefore, in December we will begin a step-by-step update of the function. More notifications will be added and, in the long term, there will be an available option for all default notifications to be sent via SMS, e-mail or as push notifications. The interface for notification configuration will be reviewed and made more user-friendly. At the same time, we will review the content of all notifications. The administrator will be able to set which default notifications will be sent at what time. The healthcare provider can then choose which of these notifications to activate.

Peter Tyreholt

Peter Tyreholt


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