Product Updates October-December 2020

Product updates - Visiba Care

During this year’s last quarter, our users can look forward to several exciting news in Visiba Care. The patient app gets a new design that not only improves the visual experience but also simplifies entering the app and navigating the services. Healthcare providers can look forwards to increased flexibility and control over how their virtual clinic is presented for patients. Additionally, the video call function receives improvements when preparing for the video call as well as entering the consultation.

Kindly note that launch times are preliminary and changes in appearance and launch date may occur. For more detailed information, we recommend you subscribe to our release notes.

Preliminary launch in October 2020

Updated view before a video consultation for healthcare practitioners

This autumn we are greatly focusing on improving the video consultation experience in web browsers, for both healthcare professionals and patients. As a start, the appointment information box in the calendar will be updated, so that healthcare professionals can get a better overview of the patient’s responses and other relevant information before the appointment.

Added option to invite up to 9 participants to a video consultation

As video consultations are becoming ‘the new normal’ for an increasing number of healthcare professionals, we will see an increasing need to invite more participants to an appointment. This is a particularly intense demand in the existing setup of care planning meetings – however, it also creates new conditions for other setups, such as group treatments. Therefore, we are delighted to be able to grant this wish and enable up to 9 participants (in addition to the healthcare professional) in a video consultation, without compromising the quality of the video call.

Extended lifetime for the patient’s user account and profile

A patient who has not had any ongoing cases, booked appointments, or has been in other ways inactive in your app, currently has his/her account deleted after a certain time (i.e. pre-determined data clearance period by each healthcare provider). At the next visit, the patient had to register an account once again to access and book a service provided in the app – an admittedly suboptimal experience. To avoid this, we are now separating the anonymisation time for the patients’ user account and profile from medical data, which enables the patients to keep their accounts in your service while their medical data is regularly cleansed per your settings.

This change adds value to the patient experience, as they do not have to re-register, but to healthcare professionals as well, as it becomes easier to get in touch in the future and book an appointment.

At a first stage, contact your Customer Success Manager, who can configure this new option. As a next step, global administrators will be able to configure this option following the needs of the organisation. We are also exploring the possibility to give the patients control over their user account, so that they can delete it themselves if and when they choose to.

Preliminary launch in November 2020

Add or remove participants from a booked appointment

Now with the option of adding more participants to a video consultation, there is also an emerging need to easily edit the list of invited participants. Hence, editing the participant list of a booked appointment becomes as easy and accessible as changing the time or the duration of the appointment.

Flexible configuration of patient entry

Healthcare professionals will soon get the possibility to define how their reception is presented to the patients. The reception administrators can configure themselves the patient entries in the app or the patient web interface. This includes the content of the buttons, such as icons or text.

In addition, you will also be able to specify the redirection of the buttons, e.g. booking an appointment, drop-in rooms, or messaging. File uploads and reasons for visit can be activated or deactivated for each button. You can, for example, create a button that displays ‘New medical note’, which automatically selects a reason for visit for the errand and redirects to a messaging conversation. In another example, a button titled ‘Care advice’ can redirect to a drop-in room where the patient can select one of the reasons for visit that are covered by your staff’s expertise and competence.

Overall, this wider range of options enables you to tailor your reception to your needs in a more refined way, while also facilitating the patients’ navigation to the right service.

New and improved help centre

To enable quicker help and support to healthcare professionals using Visiba Care, we are replacing the existing support material with a new and enhanced help centre. Here you can find educational material and guides, frequently asked questions and their answers, tips and tricks, and news from the platform. The help centre simplifies the experience for new and old users alike, as they can easily search for information and receive instant support in an accessible way.

Preliminary launch in December

New video consultation design for healthcare professionals

Visiba Care offers so much more than just video calls; but video remains a core functionality of our platform. We will be placing a stronger focus on improving the video call experience for our users. The first step towards this direction is a new, sleeker design for healthcare professionals, where they can easily locate different functions, get quick help if something malfunctions, and enjoy the improved performance. This new design also enables the future addition of new, in-demand functions.

New design and options to add different types of content to your virtual clinic

As noted above, the function of customising buttons and modules will enable you to tailor your virtual clinic to your patient flows. To enhance the experience from the patients’ side, we will also update the design of the present standard buttons with more variables, so that you can easily customise your reception to correspond to your visual profile.


You will also be able to upload more types of content directly to your reception page, such as highlight certain patient flows or existing information that is important for patients on parts of the app.

New start page for patients simplifies navigation

During this last quarter, we will be carrying out major work to simplify the patients’ entry to the service and to ensure that they can correctly navigate towards the right information and service choice for them. We will investigate various smart ways to display and highlight the most relevant receptions for the patients, to make it easier for them to find the right one. This kind of tailored customisation will require the patient to be logged in to the app, which consequently propels us to review the option of having the patient login activated at all times.

At the same time, we are reviewing the entire user experience to ensure that both functionality and design are kept at the highest possible level and live up to the patients’ expectations.

Rebuild of the patient web interface from the ground up

To improve the experience of patients accessing your virtual clinic via a web browser, we are rebuilding the patient web interface from scratch. The visual design will get a proper boost and it will become much easier for patients to navigate. The app and the web interface will correspond to each other to a much greater degree, so that your patients can get a familiar experience regardless of their interface of choice.

We will also work more intensively towards accessibility, to ensure that the patient web interface is equally navigable and accessible for those with functional variations. This is an important step for us in our quest for equal care: making our platform easy-to-use and accessible to everyone.

Peter Tyreholt

Peter Tyreholt


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