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Product updates - Visiba Care

During the first quarter of 2021, we will continue the work on a number of new features and improvements that were first presented in the 2020 Q4 Product Updates, as well as a package of new functions. The flow for patients finding their way around the app will become simpler and their overall user experience will be elevated. Healthcare providers will have more options to configure the content and buttons visible in the patient interface and further tailor their patient flows. Healthcare professionals will be able to check the login status of invited participants before a consultation and can enjoy a major improvement in the messaging workflow, when they work with a large number of messages.

Read more about the planned product updates during Q1 2021 below. Kindly note that launch times are preliminary and changes in appearance and launch date may occur. For more detailed information, we recommend you subscribe to our release notes.

Preliminary launch in February

Healthcare professionals can check the login status of participants

Healthcare professionals will be able to follow if and when a participant has logged in to Visiba Care via the booking information from the Calendar, and be better informed on whether participants are prepared and more likely to join the consultation. If a participant has not logged in before, the healthcare professional will have the opportunity to proactively remind them about the appointment or provide help beforehand and minimise the possibility of the participant not attending.

Completed forms can be downloaded as .pdf

When a patient has filled in a form, said form will be available to download as a pdf file. This new option makes it easier to print out the information or save it in the patient’s medical record.

The statistics report Time series is removed

The report Time series, now under Statistics in the main menu will be removed. Administrators will be able to access and retrieve the relevant information from the report Activities: Started and Ended.

Preliminary launch in March

Improved workflow for large volumes of messages

An increasing number of people are now seeing the benefits and value of enabling patients to contact healthcare via asynchronous messages. In line with this, we will be paying some extra attention and working with this form of consultation, to improve user experience as well as to simplify the management of large volumes of messages for receptions (e.g. first-line healthcare professionals refer patients to a messaging channel instead of the phone.

The first step towards this shift will be a straight-forward and attractive design for healthcare professionals, who will be able to find different functions, get a clearer overview of ongoing conversations, and get quick help when needed easily. This new design will also pave the way for the addition of more new features in the future.

Fewer fields in the healthcare professional user profile

To simplify adding and updating a healthcare professional’s profile, the three existing fields Title, Speciality in User Information and the self-standing field Specialties will be merged into two fields.

New start page in the app makes navigation easier for patients

We continue the work of making it easier for patients to enter the service and ensure that they see the right information and the right choices in the start page. Finding their way around will be simplified for patients, regardless of whether they are regular users of the app, first-time users, or just visiting for a booked video consultation.

Common content on the patient home page

Healthcare organisations that work with several receptions in Visiba Care will have the opportunity to add common, shared content to the entire service, displayed on the patient home page. This can be external content that opens in a web view, a deep link to a reception you may want to highlight or a direct link to a specific physical booking flow (e.g. to book a vaccination appointment).

New design and new types of content for your digital reception

We also continue with the work of adding a variety of buttons to enable adding more types of content to your reception. This means, among other things, that different buttons can be used for different purposes and you can further customise the reception to reflect your graphic profile.

You will easily be able to configure a reception view in a way that better reflects the available patient pathways. This way, a patient can choose between, for example, entering their condition or reason for visit, book an appointment for vaccination at a physical reception, start a messaging conversation to get a new sick note, or click on a button that leads to the national listing service – all that already from step 1 on the reception page.

Even before we design a number of buttons you can choose from, users will have the option to create buttons for different patient pathways and for different purposes at their reception, where each button will lead to specific conditions or reasons for visiting.

New integrations on the way

During the first quarter of 2021, we will also be focusing on extending our integrations. Alongside improving our API overall, we will be adding integrations with NHS login, TPP, as well as EMIS – stage 1 with bookings.

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