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Product updates - Visiba Care

During the summer of 2019, a range of updates and improvements will be launched in Visiba Care. Below is a summary of the most important changes.

Common queue for all Your Drop-in Rooms (launched June 2019)

Those of you working in Drop-in, now have the option to see all patients from all waiting rooms in a single view. We have also added a number of filtering options so that you can customize the queue based on your own needs. For example, if you only want to be active in one specific waiting room, or only want to see patients with a certain status, you can filter the patients that will be shown in the queue, which makes the view window clearer.

Healthcare workers/professionals are able to work in multiple digital practices (launched June 2019)

Customers who work with parallel multiple digital practices* now have the option to allow healthcare worker/professionals and schedulers to be connected to multiple digital practices. This can allow for smoother resource management, where healthcare workers/professionals and schedulers from different practices can cooperate and manage different patient flows in a more efficient, centralised manner.

The patients and conversations from all digital practices that a healthcare worker/professional has access to are shown simultaneously, but it is clearly indicated which practice they are connected with. Once a patient is called in, it is now possible to select which GP practice the patient will come to. The times specified by healthcare workers/professionals as bookable in the calendar will be displayed for the patients for all of the digital practices the healthcare worker/professional has access to.

Healthcare workers/professionals and schedulers who are only associated with one digital practice will not be affected by this change.

Improved user management for multiple digital practices (launched June 2019)

Customers who work with multiple digital practices in parallel can now manage users via a dedicated view for each practice rather than needing to manage everything from Global Settings.

Users will still be created from Global Settings, but they will now be able to be managed from the individual practice.

Add a background image in mobile apps (launched June/July 2019)

It is finally possible to add a background image in the mobile apps, which can strengthen the brand and marketing effectiveness for patients and customers. Also – a great app improves the way the patient experiences your service.

In order to add a background image, you will need a high-resolution image (approximately 2,000 pixels in height) to which you own the rights. Send the image to your Customer Success Manager or Visiba Care Support, so that we can adapt it and add it into your app. An administrative cost is applied for adding a background image.

Improvements in the iOS app (launched June 2019)

A range of improvements and functions were launched for the IOS app, which catches the app up with what is offered in the Android app. This includes:

  • Improved cancellation flow for the patient
  • Improved navigation within apps with multiple practices
  • Updated design for messages
  • Improved flow to activate the camera and microphone in the app
  • Option to download a receipt from cases in the app
  • Updated design of the detail view for cases

Read more about these improvements and functions on our previous product update post.

Views optimised for iPad in the app (launched June/July 2019)

The design for the Start Page and My Pages has been adapted for iPads with an improved appearance on larger screens.

Swish and PayPal are now supported as payment methods (launched June/July 2019)

It will soon be possible for patients to pay via PayPal and Swish before a visit in addition to the existing payment methods, such as credit cards, free pass and invoicing.

Payment is an additional service that you can activate by contacting your Customer Success Manager or Visiba Care Support.

VisibaAPI supports time slot templates and multiple digital practices (launched June/July 2019)

Visiba Care emphasises the need for open APIs and systems to communicate with each other. We are now expanding our API and supporting time slot templates, the option to lay out bookable times and bookings for customers with multiple digital practices.


* Requires an Enterprise license

Peter Tyreholt

Peter Tyreholt


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