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Product updates - Visiba Care

We are about to launch a number of new features in our platform that will improve the experience for both patients and healthcare professionals. The most important changes are summarised below.

Healthcare provider-initiated messages

Although the number of letters sent has fallen dramatically since the introduction of email, they remain a common communication channel in healthcare. However, communicating via snail mail is not particularly time-efficient or secure. Healthcare providers in various areas have long sought the means to contact patients digitally – provided they can do so securely. We at Visiba Care are therefore proud to be launching provider-initiated messages, a secure channel that enables many different workflows. It will be used for functions such as:

  • sending test results or other medical information to the patient
  • opening a channel for the patient to contact the practitioner if the treatment is not working as expected
  • sending questionnaires to the patient during their treatment
  • opening a channel for the patient to ask questions or express their concerns throughout their treatment



In addition, healthcare provider-initiated messages enable practitioners to:

–        send secure messages to new or existing patients

–        attach pictures or other files

–       attach forms from a list

–        specify reasons for the visit, to group the conversation, and decide which forms are sent

–        restrict the patient’s ability to respond to the message


The patient receives notifications both when a new conversation is started and when a new message is sent.

Practitioners see all their conversations in the same view, whether they or the patient-initiated them. When practitioners receive new messages from a patient, notifications are sent according to individual settings.

The administrator can activate healthcare provider-initiated messages under message settings, whether or not the practice uses patient-initiated messages.

Configure who can use patient-initiated messages

Chat and secure messages have become an increasingly established form of contact between patients and healthcare. We are now introducing the opportunity to specify which practitioners will handle incoming messages at your digital practice.


Statistics by digital practice*

To make it easier for digital practices to follow up on their business, some statistics are now available by practice. Those being made available initially are payment statistics, exports and time series.

Calendar overview by digital practice *

For scheduling to be as effective as possible requires a good overview of occupancy. We are now making the calendar overview available by digital practice, which gives a clearer picture of the situation. At the same time, schedulers have access to the calendar overview, which simplifies resource planning.

Assign a bookable time slot to a specific digital practice*

Practitioners that work at several digital practices will now be able to see clearly the specific practice they are scheduling or taking out bookable time slots for.


Completed consultations are shown in the calendar in a new colour

To make clear which consultations have been completed, they will be shown in the calendar in grey. Consultations will be considered completed when:

  • the practitioner leaves the consultation via the call termination button
  • the time slot for an un-booked consultation has expired
  • the end time for a consultation has been passed (even if the consultation has not been ended by the call termination button)


Scheduling flow from calendar overview

To help schedulers plan resources, they will be able to access a specific practitioner’s weekly calendar directly from the calendar overview. If the scheduler filters on a practitioner in the calendar overview and the practitioner has no scheduled bookable time slots for the week, the scheduler can easily click through to the practitioner’s calendar to add time slots and then return to the calendar overview. This is only possible if the scheduler has the authority to schedule for that specific practitioner at the practice.


Improved design for viewing images in the service

It is now easier to switch between different images, and it is clearer how to download images locally on the computer.


Facility to search in drop-down menus

As the number of digital practices in a business increases, so does the need to be able to search menus easily and efficiently. Now all drop-down menus will be searchable, while the design is improved.


Improved onboarding flow for the patient
(Launch October/November 2019)

To make it as easy and convenient as possible for the patient to create a profile and start using the app, we are currently completely reworking the onboarding flow. Onboarding, with registration and acceptance of terms of use, etc., is often something patients go through in their first few minutes using the app. It is therefore particularly important that this flow contributes to a good first impression and a world-class experience. In addition to a more intuitive flow, the various onboarding steps will also have a fresh, more contemporary visual design that enhances the overall experience. To sum up, these are some of the things you can look forward to:

  • Updated design for the login screen
  • Facility for the administrator to create a welcoming message or share important information with patients during onboarding
  • A more transparent process enabling patients to see how much onboarding remains
  • Validation of patients’ telephone numbers to stop incorrect numbers being given that would prevent them from receiving important information about their appointments

* Requires Enterprise licence

Peter Tyreholt

Peter Tyreholt


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