Red Robin

Automated triage and medical history tool

What is Red Robin?

Red Robin is an automated triage and medical history tool, designed for use in digi-physical healthcare flows. With the help of AI, Red Robin guides the patient to the right place in the healthcare pathway and supports clinicians in the first line of care with medical assessments, thus supporting a more efficient and focused consultation.

Red Robin takes into account that a symptom can be caused by several different diagnoses and customises the follow-up questions and steps. This makes Red Robin well-adapted to the complexity of diagnostics in healthcare. A probability-based (Bayesian) network – an AI model based on a combination of data and expert knowledge equips Red Robin to manage a multitude of relationships between symptoms, diagnoses, and risk factors and enables continuous learning within the programme over time.

Why Red Robin?

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Red Robin can manage several symptoms in parallel and adapt the follow-up questions to previous responses, streamlining the process and saving time.

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Self-learning and prepared to add and manage several data sources, such as apps or EMRs.



Accounts for all information entered by the patient and the correlations between symptoms and conditions, for a more reliable diagnosis and triage.

How it works

The patient contacts the healthcare provider via an app or a computer and is initially met by Red Robin, who asks questions about the patient’s medical history and current medical concern in a chat-based interface. The follow- up questions are based on the patient’s previous responses and take into account symptoms (one or several), medical history, and risk factors. Based on the dialogue, Red Robin calculates the probability of various diagnoses and, depending on the healthcare provider’s configuration of the tool, refer the patient to the right level of care, speciality, and communication channel.

Red Robin guides patients to the right level of care and appointment format

The summary compiled by Red Robin is sent to the healthcare professional, who can then be prepared for the appointment.

According to the diagnosis and severity –among other things– healthcare providers can configure which cases will be guided to a particular resource and how, and where the appointment will take place, e.g. via video consultation, or at a physical location.

Red Robin can be integrated as part of the patient flow in the Visiba Care platform but also as a standalone part in other solutions. At the moment, Red Robin is suited for the first line of healthcare. In the future, the tool will be developed to manage other healthcare areas, such as specialist care, comorbidity, and chronic illnesses. In the longer term, when a larger data set is collected and the diagnoses have been adequately validated, Red Robin will be able to refer patients to self-care.

An example

Patient contact supported by Red Robin

This is how Red Robin looks like for a patient who turns to primary care for a skin disorder.

Step 1

Starting the case

A patient starts the case in the patient portal.

Red Robin - Automated triage and medical history tool patient app

Step 2

Registering the patient

The user indicates whether they are seeking care for themselves or as a representative for someone else, eg. their child.

Step 3

Information about the next step

Red Robin displays information about the upcoming process and the following steps.

Step 4

Enter the details

The patient fills in their age and gender.

Step 5

Answer questions

The patient enters the symptoms and answers the follow-up questions, which are based on previous responses.

Step 6

Add photos

The patient has the option to upload a photo as a complement to the previously reported details.

Step 7

Enter additional information

The patient can also add more information and comments.

Step 8

Evaluation and referral

When all questions have been answered, the patient can rate the chat and be guided to the right level of care.

Step 9

Video consultation with a dermatologist

The patient meets a dermatologist in a video consultation


Quality assurance and validation

How we ensure quality and validation

Red Robin is developed in collaboration with a medical team composed of practising doctors and nurses. The medical content is managed according to a standardised process to ensure quality and evidence-based results.

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Healthcare professionals

Benefits for patients

  • Patients can initiate contact with healthcare regardless of time and place.
  • Patients are guided directly to the right level of care, speciality, and communication channel.
  • The patients’ knowledge of their own condition is accounted for before the assessment.
  • Using the standardised process, patients have a higher quality meeting with a healthcare professional
  • Easy to understand, patient-friendly, and relevant questions that can be answered in a calm environment.
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Benefits for healthcare professionals

  • Healthcare professionals meet with appropriate patients who they can and should provide care to.
  • Healthcare professionals can focus on their actual mission with minimised documentation.
  • Patient appointments are more focused since the healthcare professional is provided with a summary of the questions before the meeting
  • Healthcare professionals can follow up on how and why the conclusions on the preliminary diagnoses and the care level have been reached.

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