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Visiba Care is an e-health platform that allows healthcare providers to quickly and easily open their own digital practice. Together, we develop sustainable healthcare that is simple to use and accessible to all.

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Andreas Larsson

Sales Manager
+46(0)76-199 37 66
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Johan Gustafsson

Chief Executive Officer
+46(0)70-617 72 01
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Sofie Svensson

Marketing Manager
+46(0)76-199 36 66
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Albin Forslund

Head of Customer Operations
+46(0)70-751 18 65
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Ulf Nilsson

Chief Financial Officer

Samuel Sporrenstrand

Chief Technology Officer

With the help of the Visiba Care Medical Board, we test and evaluate new functions before they are released onto the market.

Dr. Erik Mandelin, head of the Visiba Care Medical Board, Chief Physician and one of the founders of Finnish healthcare company Doctagon. Erik Mandelin has been a licensed medical practitioner since 1999. He has been head of the Visiba Care Medical Board since January 2015.


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