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[[Doctagon is a Finnish precursor in healthcare services. They have a workforce of 150 persons. Doctagon have been successful in renewing geriatric medical services in over 30 municipalities and have been a precursor in house call services.]]

Their clinic is situated in central Helsinki and serves both private and occupational healthcare customers. “It’s important to Doctagon to be at the absolute forefront when it comes to delivering healthcare with high customer satisfaction and availability. The services provided by Visiba Group will be a large part of healthcare in the future, and we’re looking forward to being active participants in that evolution,” says Stefan Wentjärvi, CEO at Doctagon. Erik Mandelin, general practice specialist, says that they regard the video practice as a tool in day-to-day work. They can easily handle urgent and relatively simple clinical problems such as infections and prescription renewals via video calls. There are also situations in which you need to meet the patient and perform a physical examination, but the number of such situations is limited – a video call is often all that is needed.


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