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[[Pe3 Företagshälsovård (Pe3 Occupational Health Service) was founded in 2006, with a clear focus on creating a healthy working environment and more satisfied employees through personality, commitment and flexibility. They offer work-focused rehabilitation services, in work capacity assessments as well as in supportive actions for people who are in the process of returning to work. The company has several offices along the Swedish west coast and headquarters in Gothenburg.]]

Petra Lindh Sandung, CEO at Pe3, sees many uses for Visiba Care. “You can use it in customer contacts to maintain the personal and close contact, and it can also be used for checking things with managers. Video calls are also a useful complement in certain follow-ups with patients when the physical meeting isn’t needed.” In Petra’s opinion, one of the great advantages is that Visiba Care saves time for both customers and Pe3. She also says that it is certainly challenging to work in a new way, one of the challenges being thinking in a new way about how it’s possible to meet each other. Among the customers who have been informed of the opportunity, reactions have been positive, but also gently cautious.


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