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[[Novakliniken (the Nova Clinic) was founded in 1990 by Pål Svensson, and has expanded over the last few years from having one clinic in Ystad to being a complete caregiver with clinics in ten cities in southeast Scania.]]

They strive to be at the forefront when it comes to giving patients a positive experience. Pål has been following the development of the new technologies for a long time and sees multiple uses for it in his business. In the spring of 2015, Novakliniken decided to start working with video calls, and the process of spreading the news to patients is in full swing. “Andreas at Visiba Group contacted us on a recommendation from a former colleague, and I knew at once that this was a service that could be useful for Novakliniken,” says Pål. “We arranged a workshop with some of our employees and talked about implementing video calls in our business, and then Andreas put together a group that little by little started using video calls, and also started communicating to patients that this service is now available.” Pål doesn’t think there will be an explosion in the use of video calls, but thinks of offering his patients yet another way to contact the clinic as an added value. Frida Johansson, nurse at Novakliniken, says that she thinks of video calls as a complement. “I can meet patients face to face, see the patient and their medical problems, and not just get a description that might be difficult to understand.”


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