In your digital practice, patients and healthcare staff can easily conduct video meetings via web browser, mobile phone or tablet application.


Secure login

The patient downloads your app or visits your website where they login using your chosen form of authentication. The patient feels at home thanks to the fact that all design aspects are based on your own logo and graphic profile.

Open a case

The patient easily logs in to your digital practice to book an appointment or to connect to a pre-booked video consultation.

They will shortly also be able to communicate with staff via text message and fill in smart forms prior to their visit.


Video consultation

Video consultations are conducted via web browser, mobile phone or tablet application. The experience of the consultation meets consumer expectations of digital consumer services.

All communications are secured and encrypted for safe healthcare contact and all information is handled in accordance with the relevant data laws in your jurisdiction.

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Join us on a journey towards the future of healthcare. We would be delighted to tell you more about e-health and the possibilities offered by Visiba Care. Please contact us for further information.

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