Our business is constantly growing, and we’re always looking for new colleagues who want to grow with us. Join the digital revolution. You get to participate in changing the healthcare all over the world. It will save lives. And you will have a lot of fun.

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    Work with us

    Visiba Group has attracted exceedingly competent and clever people from the very beginning – a necessity for reaching our high set goals. A team of people with lots of different competencies and interests. You will meet both part-time politicians and musicians.


    Even though we work in different cities in Sweden, we have a close collaboration and communicate daily with digital tools. Apart from the digital communication, there are occasions when we all meet to talk about how to continue our work for the future.


    Teambuilding and to have fun is important to create a tighter group of colleagues. In order to become a closer team, we come together around activities of some kind a couple of times a year.

    Personal development

    I really grow as a person in my work at Visiba Group. It is very inspiring to work with modernizing the healthcare industry. I strongly believe that Visiba Care will change the way we meet doctors, nurses and other”.

    Sofie Svensson - marketing manager



    As a part of the team you will be able to take part in discussions about how to form our services. We have an open climate where every point of view is important.

    Our story

    We had a need. We fulfilled it ourselves.

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