A support for patient-centred care

Visiba Care has been created in collaboration with working doctors, nurses and healthcare administrators. Our goal has always been to create an e-health platform that simplifies and improves the working situation for healthcare professionals and that helps them to focus on providing the best possible care. This has resulted in a platform that reduces the need for administration instead of increasing it.

Safety in digital services


With Visiba Care, you will encounter your patients in a digital environment where they feel at home. Our focus has been on creating digital e-health services with the lowest possible entry threshold. Visiba Care offers the shortest possible route from the feeling that video consultation is something new, to an experience of simplicity and accessibility.

Commit the right resources to the right need


E-health with Visiba Care also makes it easier to focus on those patients who really need it. A simple prescription renewal should take up the minimum possible amount of time, resources and attention. A patient requiring diagnosis should have as much time as is needed to provide the best possible care. With Visiba Care’s range of e-health services, a quick prescription renewal via a video meeting can free more of your time for a consultation with a patient suffering from a multi-symptom illness.

Changes in the waiting room

With a range of e-health services, the physical waiting room changes. As a doctor or nurse, you will more often meet patients with whom you have had an initial consultation. Your patients will have had the opportunity to share data from home medical equipment, send in samples taken at home and answer questions on smart forms. As a healthcare professional, you will start more consultations armed with the greatest possible amount of information.

Visiba Care presents you with all available information in a format that provides a good overview, solves routine administration and frees up time that you can spend on qualified clinical tasks.


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Join us on a journey towards the future of healthcare. We would be delighted to tell you more about e-health and the possibilities offered by Visiba Care. Please contact us for further information.

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