Simple to use and administer


Visiba Care is built with a focus on simplicity for both users and administrators. The platform is delivered in three interfaces:

  • Public – for patients: make appointments, wait for a drop-in time, fill out smart forms, send text messages and conduct video calls.
  • Office – for healthcare professionals: view calendars, create and conduct video meetings, attend to patients in the digital waiting room, answer questions via text message, read completed questionnaires and make notes in journals.
  • Management – for administrators: create new users, set rights and security settings, and more.

Our launch team helps your organisation to quickly get up and running with Visiba Care and our support staff are always close at hand to answer your questions.

Works in conjunction with your current systems

Visiba Care integrates with existing and future systems. Our integration policy has three elements:


  • Visiba Partnership – Thanks to our partner programme, Visiba Care can be run in conjunction with a great many systems and services whether for video communication, journals or finance.
  • Visiba API – Our API makes it simple for developers of both current and future services to integrate with Visiba Care.
  • Visiba Development – Our development department works continuously on integration with new systems and responds to direct requests from our customers regarding integration with new systems.

Secure use


integrity at evert stage of the development process. The platform supports several methods for secure login.


  • BankID (Sweden)
  • Mobile BankID (Sweden)
  • Telie NetID
  • 2-stage text message verification

All connections to the platform are protected by encryption via HTTPS (SSL). Video meetings are always conducted peer-to-peer where possible (with no data passing through a central server) and all data is encrypted (via AES128 or HMAC-SHA1).


Visiba Care is CE marked and all data is handled in accordance with the relevant data laws in your jurisdiction.

Adapted to your organisation

We have made it easy to customise Visiba Care with our customers’ name, logo and colour scheme, everything to make their patients feel secure in their digital healthcare encounter.

Our development team are also available to customise and make additions to the platform based on your wishes. Dialogue with our customers is an important driving force behind our ongoing development work.



Contact us

We would be happy to tell you more about how Visiba Care works with regard to technology and security. Please contact us for further information.

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