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Visiba Care makes it easy to open a digital practice. We have invested a great deal of energy in creating a platform that you can use from day one. Our Launch Team will assist you with configuration and branding so that you can quickly launch a digital practice where your patients feel at home.

Simplified workflows, elegant design and fast response times makes Visiba Care enjoyable to work with. We conduct start seminars and provide guides and training materials to ensure that your staff will quickly acquaint themselves with the new system. Visiba Care is built for, and in collaboration with, experienced healthcare professionals. Together, we have created a system that helps shift your focus from administration to  caring for your patients.


Designed by and for healthcare professionals


With Visiba Care, you can be up and running from day one. The platform is divided into three separate interfaces, each designed for a different type of user.


Public – for patients

Here, your patients can make appointments, wait for a drop-in time, fill out smart forms, send text messages and conduct video calls. The design is simple and built to match your own logo and branding.


Office – for healthcare professionals

Our sleek interface for your healthcare staff. Here, doctors, nurses and administrators can easily view their calendars, create and conduct video meetings, attend to patients in the digital waiting room, answer questions via text message, read completed questionnaires and make notes in journals. Office is quick and easy to use, whether on a computer, mobile phone or tablet. The video function integrates with your existing systems and calendars synchronise automatically with those in your current calendar system.


Management – for administrators

Here, your system administrator can control the functionality of Visiba Care, create new users, set permissions and security settings, and much more. Management is a powerful interface that allows for greater customisation of Visiba Care.

A flexible system for attractive workplaces.

Visiba Care facilitates flexibility in the workplace. In the same way that the platform allows patients to contact their healthcare provider from wherever they are, it is also possible for healthcare professionals to meet with patient from anywhere. Are the specialists on whom your organisation relies scattered? With Visiba Care, you can make your specialists available to the entire organisation. Do some of your staff commute long distances? With Visiba Care there is no obstacle to a doctor or nurse seeing patients from their home.

Simple systems that are enjoyable to work with and bring patients and healthcare professionals closer together contribute to a more attractive workplace. We are convinced that Visiba Care will be an asset to your future staff recruitment.


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Join us on a journey towards the future of healthcare. We would be delighted to tell you more about e-health and the possibilities offered by Visiba Care. Please contact us for further information.

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