Visiba Care

A flexible solution for digital healthcare

Visiba Care is a software solution that enables healthcare providers to setup and operate an online practice with one or multiple receptions under their own brand. The platform is scalable, and functionalities and workflows can be added and tailored to fit different patient flows.

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Visiba Care makes meeting patients easy via multiple digital channels. Healthcare providers can choose to incorporate video calls – either by appointment or drop-in – as well as text messaging, and smart forms for secure and effortless collection of information. Visiba Care makes contact between patients and healthcare professionals effortless and simplifies life for both.

Visiba Care was built around a vision of efficient, accessible, and sustainable healthcare. A secure, customisable platform tailored to the needs of diverse healthcare providers is at the core of our service. Together with our partners and users, we develop a digital solution that improves healthcare today and meets the challenges of tomorrow.


Visiba Care in less than 2 minutes

Explore how the Visiba Care solution works for healthcare organizations who want to open up a digital practice.

A complete digital service

Why Visiba Care?

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Easy-to-use platform

We handle the technology, so you can take care of the rest! No advanced technical skills are needed to operate the platform, which is accompanied by a full learning and support service from our digitalisation specialists.

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Fully customisable

Visiba Care is deployed under your own brand and name, so your patients can feel safe. Furthermore, you can pick and choose the functionalities suitable for your own practice and tweak along the way.

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More time for patients

Ease the administrative burden and oversee waiting times with ease. Visiba Care integrates with other systems and frees up your time to do your most meaningful work: steering people towards a healthy life.

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