Red robin

Quality and validation

Healthcare professionals

The medical core of Red Robin is comprised of content created by medical experts. This content is reviewed and validated by independent senior clinicians and matched against real patient cases by qualified healthcare personnel in various areas of expertise, such as nurses, doctor, and psychologists.

Benchmarking is done against national medical reference sources such as Health A-Z from the NHS, Medibas, Strama, NHS 111 and more to ensure that Red Robin maintains an equivalent, or higher, quality.

Visiba Care is part of the WHO AI4H Topic Group on Symptom assessment, which focuses on developing forms for evaluation and comparison of triage solutions in healthcare.

Content and outcomes linked to specific patient cases are reviewed and evaluated by experienced healthcare professionals to ensure quality. At the same time, all patient cases are validated on an ongoing basis by practising clinicians confirming or dismissing the suggested diagnosis after each care contact.

In addition, Visiba Care has an ongoing dialogue with both healthcare professionals and patients to ensure that the questions in Red Robin are relevant, easy to understand and simple to respond to. This is of utmost importance, as these responses form the basis for Red Robin’s calculations

Red Robin quality assurance