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23 augusti 2018
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Visiba Care 3.18.0 (Android)

We are constantly improving our platform; here are the latest updates.


News for Android!

This is a second release within version 3.18 concerning only your Android app (android version 1.16.0). Our Android developers have been working hard during the summer, and here are the results of those efforts. A change worth highlighting is the new full-screen calling interface that also works when the phone is locked, just like any phone call! 



This is new:

  •  Android  The app now displays a full-screen calling interface when there's an incoming call. This also works when the phone is locked, just like a regular phone call.


  •  Android  Improved automatic selection of audio input/output device when connecting headset, speaker, bluetooth device.

  •  Android  My Profile, as well as links to usage agreements, have been moved to the new Settings view, which can be found on on the start view.

  •  Android  Links in the About Us texts are now clickable.

  •  Android  Minor color corrections in some views.

Bug fixes:

  •  Android  Fixed not asking for camera and mic permissions properly when receiving a call.

  •  Android  The shortcut to the appointment that is shown on the start view when the appointment is near, now redirects the user to payment if the appointment has not been paid for.


Care practitioners and administrators

Only changes in Android app this time. 



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