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5 december 2017
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We are constantly improving our platform; here are the latest updates.




  1. In Management, you can now see a calendar overview that shows the number of available and booked time slots at an organisational, unit and resource level (the overview only applies to bookable times, not waiting room or invitations).
  2. A welcome email is sent to newly-registered Office users.
  3. A reminder email is sent to Office users who have not logged in within two weeks after registration.
  4. Images that patients have uploaded in respect of a booking are now shown in the Office call/drop-in history.
  5. Office now warns the user if the web browser lacks the necessary functions to be able to make a video call.
  6. The waiting room settings in Management now allow control over which resources should have access to various waiting rooms.


  1. Clarification of settings in Notification Centre in Management.
  2. Call history in Management can now be made anonymous.

Bug fixes

  1. Drop-in history now also shows meetings from removed drop-in rooms.
  2. The drop-in history in Office now only shows the Office user’s own meetings.
  3. There was previously a max value of 1439 minutes for appointment settings. There are now no time limits, but the organisation can freely set up rules on:
    How close to an appointment time a patient can cancel
    How close to an available appointment a patient can book
  4. An Office user marked as active in a drop-in room remains active even if the person leaves the page and goes to Settings view and the previously reset settings.



  1. The app now has support for Bluetooth headsets in video calls.
  2. Screen rotation also works in the app.

Bug fixes

  1. The message about current events in start view is occasionally presented incorrectly; this is now fixed.
  2. The cancel button when choosing payment options didn’t work correctly; this is now fixed.




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