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17 december 2018
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Visiba Care 4.1.0

We are constantly improving our platform; here are the latest updates.


Happy holidays!

Almost as a present just in time for the holidays, here comes a release with a lot of improvements to the Visiba Care platform. These release notes contain the updates for Office and the patients' web interface, and updates for the apps will be released in the near future. Worth noting is a greatly improved navigation for the patients' web interface, so go check that out. For the healthcare providers who are activating the ability of having multiple patient receptions, this release is also the springboard for that!


 Care practitioners 

Nothing new this time


  • The video call service now detects more connection issues and forces all parties to reconnect automatically

  • The support widget now uses the language that the user has selected for the system

  • Starting a call from the push notification now triggers the same not paid-warning as starting a call from the calendar does

  • Added an error message for when information about appointment time is missing in the Invite patient-form

  • Improved rules for Upcoming appointments-list in the calendar

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed patient notification settings for cancellations affecting whether cancellation notifications are sent to healthcare professionals

  • Cleanup of minor javascript errors thrown

  • Fixed a bad shift/scroll that sometimes occurred in the calendar



This is new:

  • Allowing patients to book available timeslots can now be activated from Office

  • Allowing patients to send in messages can now be activated from Office

  • For healthcare providers activating the functionality to have multiple patient receptions, the ability to administrate these receptions separately has been added


  • Push notifications for patients can now be configured from Office

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed exports of outcomes and ICD codes not always applying the date filters as expected

  • Fixed outcome export column Was suitable for digital procedure being empty if the answer was No

  • Cleanup of minor javascript errors thrown


This is new:

  • The patients' web interface now supports working with multiple receptions at the same healthcare provider.


  • The video call service may now detect certain connection issues and forces all parties to reconnect automatically

  • Certain texts now adapt better to plural forms

  • The header has been reworked, and a menu on the side has been added. The menu is divided into two parts; one part containing reception-specific information, and one part containing patient specific information.

  • The rules for the Go to call-button have been improved

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a text issue where the label for an already hidden list said Hide

  • Fixed word-wrap issue with Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

  • Cleanup of minor javascript errors thrown

  • Fixed camera/microphone state persisting on back-to-back calls

  • Fixed multiple styling issues in firefox


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