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15 februari 2019
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Visiba Care 4.2.0

We are constantly improving our platform; here are the latest updates.


A little bit for everyone

Since a lot of healthcare practitioners are working with 15 minute appointments and shorter, we've improved the calendar with a zoom-in function. Just switch the toggle and try it out! Android users can now also take pictures directly from the app when booking an appointment or sending a message. Apart from these new features, there has been a lot of improvements and bug fixes. Keep reading to see exactly what has been done. In this release: Visiba Care 4.2, Android 2.1.


 Healthcare practitioners 

This is new:

  • The timeframe in the calendar can now be zoomed in, so short appointments are easier to handle



  • A patient's national identity number can now be copied from calendar pop-up without switching view

  • Improved layout when adding patient to appointment after search in patient invitation

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed issue where video call screenshots got invalid names and could not be opened on Windows computers without renaming it yourself

  • Inviting patients with the agent/representative function now works again

  • The patients' log in-button was removed from the care practitioner's call view

  • Fixed issue where the filtering on problem in statistics exports didn't work properly

  • Fixed issue where trying to log in without any appointed role was not handled



Nothing new this time

No improvements

Bug fixes:

  • Text for the two alternatives in Yes/No questions in forms is now shown again

  • Fixed issue where trying to log in without any appointed role was not handled



This is new:

  •  Android  Images can now be taken directly with the camera when uploading files

Screenshot 2019-02-14 at 19.58.39


  •  Android  Transitions when switching between screens have been improved

  •  Android  The behaviour and views when loading content in the app has been improved

  •  Android  Patients are now automatically redirected to the next step in the flow when logging in while initiating a new messaging conversation

  •  Android  Unnecessary references to the Terms of service and Privacy policy are now removed from the app

  •  Android  The screen with information about the messaging function is now always shown before starting a new messaging conversation

Bug fixes:

  •  Android  Fixed an issue where the microphone stopped working when minimising and then maximising the call

  •  Android  Fixed an issue where the sound stopped working after rotating the device during a call

  •  Web  Android  Fixed issue where categories of receptions were shown even though there were no visible receptions in the category (customers with multiple receptions activated only)

  •  Web  Android  iOS  Text for the two alternatives in Yes/No questions in forms is now shown again

  •  Web  Android  iOS  Fixed an issue where the About us-text was not shown at receptions (customers with multiple receptions activated only)

  •  Android  Fixed a case where the complete text of a button was not visible in the tab bar

  •  Android  Fixed the wrong icon being used for the lobbyn in the tab-bar

  •  Android  Fixed an issue where the patient could proceed in the flow while an uploaded image was still loading

  •  Android  Fixed the patient not being notified that they had been kicked from the drop-in queue

  •  Android  Fixed an issue where deleting an image when in its full screen preview caused the app to crash

  •  Web  Fixed a layout issue of the price of appointments in My cases


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