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9 mars 2019
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Visiba Care 4.3.0

We are constantly improving our platform; here are the latest updates.


Empowering the administrators

This release mostly focuses on adding value for customers who have enabled multiple receptions. Other highlights in this release include the ability to allow or disallow performers to create appointment templates, and that more texts are  configurable. 


 Healthcare practitioners 

Nothing new this time

No improvements:

Bug fixes:

  • Calendar popup will no longer appear outside the viewport on certain resolutions.



This is new

  • Allow or disallow performers to create appointment templates.


  • More text are now configurable. 

Features moved to reception levelSee tutorials (in Swedish)

  • Problems: The ability to add problems to a reception and to toggle the visibility of those problems for patients. 

  • Forms: The forms are created on global settings but used on reception level.  

  • Texts: Configurable on reception level.

  • Appointment templates: Configurable on reception level. 

No improvements

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where some calls didn't include starting time and length in Statistics: Export - > Video consultation: booked.

  •  When editing professional settings for a user with empty fields, Chrome will no longer autofill those fields.  



Nothing new this time


  •  Web  Removed the confirmation screen when selecting a reception.

No bug fixes this time

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