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12 juni 2019
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Visiba Care 4.6.0

We are constantly improving our platform; here are the latest updates.



We are now launching a couple of big news. The first is the ability to assign healthcare professionals and schedulers to several digital practices. This can be a way to manage resources in a more efficient and centralised way. A big new feature for the patients is the possibility to have a background image in your app. Our fantastic iOS developers have worked very hard for this release and now the iOS and Android apps are again in sync with each other! Please read more about these news in the latest product updates post (only in Swedish). New app versions are Android 2.5 and iOS 3.8.


 Healthcare practitioners 

This is new:

  • Healthcare professionals and schedulers can now be assigned to multiple receptions (only customers with enterprise licence). Read more about this functionality in the latest product updates post (only in Swedish).


  • The drop-in view has been redesigned. You now only have one queue of patients, even if you work at multiple digital receptions or in multiple waiting rooms. Instead of separating the queues, there is new functionality for filtering the list of patients in different ways.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where an e-mail notification was not sent to healthcare professionals scheduled for a group call when another healthcare professional cancelled the group call.

  • Fixed titles of forms not being shown when viewing patients in the drop-in view

  • Fixed issue where an appointment that had already been paid for by the patient could not be rescheduled to another time.

  • Fixed calendar component sometimes breaking after hitting backspace-button when changing the time interval shown in the calendar



This is new:

  • Healthcare professionals and schedulers can now be assigned to multiple receptions (only customers with enterprise licence). Read more about this functionality in the latest product updates post (only in Swedish).

  • VisibaAPI now supports working with multiple digital receptions (customers with enterprise-licence) 

  • Added webhook support for new messaging conversation created


  • For customers working with multiple receptions (Enterprise licence), the user management has been improved. While all users are still added to the system from Global settings, the users can now also be managed on reception level.



This is new:

  •  Android  iOS  The apps now support having a background image. Read more about this in the latest product updates post (only in Swedish), or contact your Customer Success Manager or Visiba Care Support for more information.

  •  iOS  The flow of entering an app with multiple practices for the first time has been remade (now in sync with Android). If the patient has received an invitation to an appointment, the patient no longer has to select a practice to be able to reach the appointment. My cases can now also be reached directly from the landing page.

  •  iOS  The button for cancelling an appointment has a more coherent design, and is disabled instead of disappearing when it is too late for the patient to cancel the appointment. There is also a new confirmation dialog making sure the patient doesn't cancel by accident (now in sync with Android).

  •  iOS  If there is a receipt for the appointment, the patient can now download it from the case (now in sync with Android).


  •  Web  iOS  Android  Drop-down lists in the filtering of available times are now sorted in alphabetical order

  •  Android  Re-added descriptive texts in booking flow, drop-in flow, and messaging flow making patient aware of the Terms of service.

  •  Android  The choice of colours in messaging conversation are now better

  •  iOS  iPads now have a tailored design for the reception view and my pages view

  •  iOS  Updated and improved design for the detailed view of a case

  •  iOS  Giving the app permission to access camera and microphone has a completely new and improved flow and design (now in sync with Android).

  •  iOS  Changing reception is now done from the Reception-tab instead of from My pages (applies to customers with multiple receptions; now in sync with Android).

Bug fixes:

  •  Web  iOS  Android  Fixed an issue where e-mail notification was not sent out after completed payment

  •  Web  iOS  Android  Fixed issue where if patient temporarily lost connection, and the healthcare professional ended the call during that time, the patient would return to the ended call alone when reconnected.

  •  Web  iOS  Android  Fixed not sorting å, ä, ö correctly when selecting a problem. 

  •  Web  Fixed placeholder text not being shown for free text input questions in forms

  •  Web  Fixed an issue where opening hours of waiting rooms were displayed in a broken way

  •  Web  Fixed an issue where if the patient tried to upload the same picture again after already uploading and removing it once, the image could not be uploaded.

  •  Web  Fixed broken layout of input fields when entering a waiting room

  •  Android  If a healthcare professional's profile image is updated, the change now takes effect in the app on the next restart instead of when the cache is cleared

  •  Android  The button text on the landing page buttons now has the correct  colour

  •  Android  Fixed opening app by tapping "new message"-push notification crashing the app

  •  Android  Fixed icons on buttons in the about us-view having the wrong colour

  •  Android  Fixed the timespan of the initial search for available timeslots not adapting so that the first available time is automatically shown

  •  Android  Fixed patient not always being able to answer the evaluation after an appointment

  •  Android  Fixed forms being marked as unanswered in My cases even though they were filled in during booking

  •  Android  Fixed text on button in filtering of timeslots having the wrong colour

  •  Android  Fixed call freezing for patient when healthcare professional is screen sharing

  •  Android  Fixed audio disappearing after patient receives regular phone call and dismisses it

  •  Android  Fixed not being able to answer form if having selected another practice than to which the form belongs

  •  Android  Fixed patient's own messages in conversation sometimes being invisible

  •  Android  Fixed cursor sometimes being misplaced when entering phone number during sms login

  •  Android  Fixed unhandled events notification badge sometimes showing even though no unhandled events were present

  •  Android  Fixed unhandled events "dot" in tab bar not behaving as expected

  •  Android  Third temporary button in tab bar shown as activated even though that view is not actually viewed

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