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17 december 2018
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Android 2.0.0

We are constantly improving our platform; here are the latest updates.


Big updates on the design and video call technology!

The Android app now contains a tab-bar at the bottom of the screen, splitting the app into reception-specific content, and user-specific content. Apart from this, the underlying technology that makes the video call possible has gotten a huge update, improving the stability and quality of the call. For the healthcare providers who are activating the ability of having multiple patient receptions, with this release that functionality has also been built into the Android app!



This is new:

  • New design featuring a tab-bar for easier navigation

  • The Android app now supports working with multiple receptions at the same healthcare provider.


  • A huge upgrade of the underlying video technology, with tons of improvements and bug fixes to connectivity and quality

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed the country picker blocking incoming calls

  • Fixed some incorrect color settings in the video call chat


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